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TS Harvey Update from NWS Houston-Galveston, includes information for COLORADO, JACKSON, and WHARTON Counties.

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Remnants of Tropical Storm Harvey may reform into a tropical storm or hurricane as they move from the Yucatan to out over the warm waters of the southern Gulf of Mexico. The track and intensity of this storm are uncertain but a landfall along the lower or mid Texas coast will be possible. Southeast Texas will be highly dependent on track and intensity but could see a slow rise in tide levels at the beaches as early as Thursday, then rains, winds and storm surge especially near and right of the track on Friday. After landfall some models draw the storm slowly northeastward which could mean periods of heavy rain through the weekend.
The track and intensity should become more clear once the storm becomes better defined which might occur tomorrow. Watches could be issued as early at tomorrow (Wednesday).

Dan Reilly

Warning Coordination Meteorologist
National Weather Service Houston/Galveston

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