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On the Trail to the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo

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This week, More than 3,500 riders give up the comforts of home and take to the open road on horseback and in wagons to ride to the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. From 11 locations in South and Central Texas, these riders promote fellowship and horseback riding as they make their way to the Rodeo with the ride concluding in grand fashion inside the AT&T center Rodeo arena.


Trail Ride Routes for 2017 Miles

Texas Trail Ride
Trail Boss – Jacob Kloesel
Phone Number – 979-561-7100
Fri 3-Feb-17 Oakland, Tx
Sat 4-Feb-17 Oakland to Subline 18.6
Sun 5-Feb-17 Subline to Shiner 23.5
Mon 6-Feb-17 Shiner to Gonzales 18.4
Tue 7-Feb-17 Gonzales to Belmont 15.6
Wed 8-Feb-17 Belmont to Seguin 17.9
Thur 9-Feb-17 Seguin to Garden Gems 20.4
Fri 10-Feb-17 Garden Gems to San Antonio (Martinez Hall) 18.4
Total Miles 132.8

South Texas Trail Ride
Trail Boss – Arlis Young
Phone Number – 361-510-8936
Phone Number – 361-960-6533
Thur 2-Feb-17 Edroy, Tx
Fri 3-Feb-17 Edroy to Tynan 19.9
Sat 4-Feb-17 Tynan to to Beeville 19
Sun 5-Feb-17 Beeville to Pettus 21
Mon 6-Feb-17 Pettus to Karnes County Show Barn 22.5
Tue 7-Feb-17 Karnes County Show Barn to Falls City 15.5
Wed 8-Feb-17 Falls City to Floresville 18.1
Thur 9-Feb-17 Floresville to Bexar County Sheriff Arena 18.5
Fri 10-Feb-17 Bexar County Arena to San Antonio (Martinez Hall) 13.8
Total Miles 148.3

Old Chisholm Trail Ride
Trail Boss – Nick Gregg
Phone Number – 361-920-6766
Fri 3-Feb-17 Cuero, Tx
Sat 4-Feb-17 Cuero to Westhoff 22.8
Sun 5-Feb-17 Westhoff to Nixon 19.6
Mon 6-Feb-17 Nixon to Stockdale 14.3
Tue 7-Feb-17 Stockdale to La Vernia 13.8
Wed 8-Feb-17 La Vernia to Reynolds Nation Wide 14.1
Thur 9-Feb-17 Reynolds to San Antonio (Splashtown) 16.1
Total Miles 100.7

Alamo Trail Ride
Trail Boss – Kyle Coleman
Phone Number – 210-213-1469
Fri 3-Feb-17 John Rogers “Rafter 7 Ranch, Montel
Sat 4-Feb-17 John Rogers “Rafter 7 Ranch, Montel 12.4
Sun 5-Feb-17 Rafter 7 Ranch to Friday Ranch, Laguana 18.3
Mon 6-Feb-17 Friday Ranch to House Pasture Concan 16.8
Tue 7-Feb-17 House Pasture to Hondo City Park 20.5
Wed 8-Feb-17 Hondo City Park to Castroville City Park 16.5
Thur 9-Feb-17 Castroville City park to Rodriguez Park 16.6
Fri 10-Feb-17 Trailer to San Antonio (Splashtown)
Total Miles 101.1

Laredo Trail Ride
Trail Boss – Jerry Chessher Jr.
Phone Number – 210-313-4156
Fri 3-Feb-17 Oscar Moreno Ranch
Sat 4-Feb-17 Moreno Ranch to Cotulla 22.4
Sun 5-Feb-17 Cotulla to Dilley 24.1
Mon 6-Feb-17 Dilley to Pearsall 18.6
Tue 7-Feb-17 Pearsall to Devine 21.3
Wed 8-Feb-17 Devine to Country Gold Old Pearsell Rd 24.5
Thur 9-Feb-17 Old Pearsell Rd to Promise Land Church 26.3
Fri 10-Feb-17 Promise Land Church to San Antonio (Martinez Hall) 15.7
Total Miles 152.9

Hill Country Trail Ride
Trail Boss – Becki Kosub
Phone Number – 830-385-9989
Fri 3-Feb-17 Albert, TX
Sat 4-Feb-17 Albert to Blanco 15.2
Sun 5-Feb-17 Blanco to Kendalia 23.4
Mon 6-Feb-17 Kendalia to Sisterdale 13.8
Tue 7-Feb-17 Round Robin Ride 21.9
Wed 8-Feb-17 Sisterdale to Boerne 11.8
Thur 9-Feb-17 Round Robin Ride 13.4
Fri 10-Feb-17 Trailer to San Antonio (Martinez Hall)
Total Miles 99.5
Cowboy Capital Trail Ride
Trail Boss – Donald Malicoat
Phone Number – 830-460-1305
Fri 3-Feb-17 Mansfield Park, Bandera
Sat 4-Feb-17 Mansfield Park to VFD Park in Tarpley 18
Sun 5-Feb-17 VFD Tarpley to Rancho Cortez 15
Mon 6-Feb-17 Rancho Cortez – Round Robin Ride 15
Tue 7-Feb-17 Rancho Cortez – Mansfield Park 15
Wed 8-Feb-17 Mansfield Park to Jakes, Pipe Creek 15
Thur 9-Feb-17 Jakes to El Chaparral Restaurant, Helotes 18
Fri 10-Feb-17 Helotes Elementary Parade & Trailer to San Antonio (Martinez Hall) 2
Total Miles 98

Mesquite Trail Ride
Trail Boss – Daniel Fresenhahn
Phone Number – 210-262-5455
Fri 3-Feb-17 VFW Hall, Lockhart
Sat 4-Feb-17 Lockhart to Luling 13.4
Sun 5-Feb-17 Luling to Kingsbury 15
Mon 6-Feb-17 Kingsbury to Seguin 12.2
Tue 7-Feb-17 Seguin to New Berlin 12.4
Wed 8-Feb-17 New Berlin to Mesquite Hall 16.2
Thur 9-Feb-17 Mesquite Hall to San Antonio (Splashtown) 17.8
Total Miles 87

Kerr Country Trail Ride
Trail Boss – David Wiedenfeld
Phone Number – 830-620-8372
Fri 3-Feb-17 Kerrville, Tx
Sat 4-Feb-17 Kerrville to Twin Bridges IH 10 in Comfort 18.1
Sun 5-Feb-17 Twin Bridges to Boerne 16.8
Mon 6-Feb-17 Boerne to Cibolo Livery in Bulverde 22.3
Tue 7-Feb-17 Camp Bullis – All Day 12.5
Wed 8-Feb-17 Cibolo Livery to Bracken 20.9
Thur 9-Feb-17 Bracken to Quality Truck Center IH 10 / SH 1516 13.9
Fri 10-Feb-17 Quality truck Center to San Antonio (Martinez Hall) 12.9
Total Miles 117.4


GRA-Trails Trail Ride
Trail Boss – Joe Coldewey
Phone Number – 210-889-8558
Fri 3-Feb-17 Buda, Tx
Sat 4-Feb-17 Buda to Kyle 12.6
Sun 5-Feb-17 Painted Horse to Kyle 13.2
Mon 6-Feb-17 Kyle to San Marcos 14.6
Tue 7-Feb-17 San Marcos to New Braunfels 19.1
Wed 8-Feb-17 New Braunfels to Bluebonnet Palace 14.2
Thur 9-Feb-17 Bluebonnet Palace to Browne Trucking 10.3
Fri 10-Feb-17 Browne Trucking to San Antonio (Splashtown) 19.4
Total Miles 103.4


La Grande International Trail Ride
Trail Boss – Carlos Cabello
Phone Number – 830-752-7732
Fri 3-Feb-17 Piedras Negras Cross International Bridge 12.1
Sat 4-Feb-17 Eagle Pass to La Pryor 28.9
Sun 5-Feb-17 La Pryor to Batesville 14.7
Mon 6-Feb-17 Batesville to Pearsall 35.1
Tue 7-Feb-17 Pearsall to Devine 21.8
Wed 8-Feb-17 Devine to Country Gold Old Pearsell Rd 13.2
Thur 9-Feb-17 Old Pearsell Rd to Loop 410 @ WW White 24.9
Fri 10-Feb-17 WW White to San Antonio (Martinez Hall) 15.7
Total Miles 166.4

Total Miles ALL Rides 1,307.5

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