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Here’s whats coming up this week on the Lone Star Outdoors Show.

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We take a look at the history of bird conservation in North America with Texas Parks and Wildlife Dove Program Leader- Shaun Oldenburger. His recent article “Under Our Wing” was featured in the latest TPWD Magazine and takes a look at the last 100 years of avian conservation. If the forefathers of conservation hadn’t realized a need to preserve migratory birds then we’d have many more species that would have shared the fate of the Passenger Pigeon and Carolina Parakeet. Both now long extinct.


Then we push the envelope with our old buddy Razor Dobbs from ‘Razor Dobbs Alive’. He recently became the first person to hunt cape buffalo with a 10mm pistol. We talk about it’s performance on a 2000 lb animal as well as his ‘Green Hunt’ for white rhino in South Africa. (No the rhino wasn’t killed)


We’ll see you on the radio, Saturday morning at 8!

Cable Smith

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