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'Born Here, Live Here, Die Here': Luke Bryan’s new song previews his rootsy, home-focused seventh album

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Capitol NashvilleLuke Bryan has offered a first look at the title track of his seventh studio album, Born Here, Live Here, Die Here. If the new song is any indication, Luke’s next project will be all about celebrating life in a small town. 

“Born here, live here, die here / From the roots to the boots to the lay me down suit,” he sings in the song’s sweeping chorus. “Yeah, I’m gonna be proud to be right here / Just like my daddy and his daddy did, too…”

The song’s chorus name-checks Luke’s upcoming Proud to Be Right Here Tour, which will kick off in late May in Cincinnati, Ohio — about a month after Born Here, Live Here, Die Here drops in full on April 24. 

Until then, Luke is tiding fans over with the full ten-song track list for his new album. The project includes a few songs that fans already know and love, like the chart-topping “Knockin’ Boots,” as well as several brand-new tunes.

Here’s the full track list for Born Here, Live Here, Die Here:

“Knockin’ Boots”
“What She Wants Tonight”
“Born Here Live Here Die Here”
“ One Margarita”
“Too Drunk to Drive”
“Build Me a Daddy”
“ Little Less Broken” 
“For a Boat”
“Where Are We Goin’”
“Down to One”

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Want to be Riley Green's Valentine? Why you might want to keep it moving

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ABC/Image Group LASince Riley Green‘s a good-looking, single, former college football player who’s also a successful country singer, there are likely plenty of women who dream of being his Valentine. 

Even so, the “There Was This Girl” hitmaker warns that anybody interested might want to rethink that.

“I’m definitely a procrastinator when it comes to any holidays,” he admits. “A lot of my Christmas gifts get wrapped in newspaper.”

In fact, the Alabama native maintains he’s never really had a significant other on February 14.

“I don’t know that I’ve celebrated a Valentine’s Day with a girl,” he reveals. “But I would imagine that if I did it would go a lot like that. It would be a last-minute type of flower-from-the-grocery-store type situation.”

The upside might be that Riley could always sing to you. His latest single, “I Wish Grandpas Never Died,” is currently a top-fifteen hit.  

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Carly Pearce celebrates love in all its forms in Valentine’s Day sophomore album release

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Big MachineIt’s no secret that love has been a big part of Carly Pearce’s life over the last couple of years — last October, she married fellow country artist Michael Ray. Now, her just-released, self-titled sophomore album takes fans through every step of her love story.

Carly Pearce’s 13 tracks include plenty of love stories from the bubbly early stages of a relationship, including “Heart’s Going Out of its Mind,” which Carly wrote just two days after her first date with Michael. 

The singer even enlists her husband as a guest vocalist on one of the songs, a duet called “Finish Your Sentences.” With a star-studded songwriter list that includes Thomas Rhett and Kelsea Ballerini, “Finish Your Sentences” is a lovestruck ode to the early days of a budding romance. 

Listeners with a more cynical outlook on Valentine’s Day also will find plenty of heartbreak to enjoy. The album’s first single, a breakup duet with Lee Brice called “I Hope You’re Happy Now,” is currently a top-fifteen hit. 

Carly Pearce also grapples with loss. Songs like “It Won’t Always Be Like This” call to mind the unexpected and tragic loss of Carly’s producer and mentor, busbee, who died last September shortly after being diagnosed with brain cancer.

“A lot of life and learning happened as I recorded this album: Sorrow, forgiveness, sass, flirtation. But overall, love,” Carly reflects. “I am so grateful to these incredible collaborators for helping me to create these songs that truly reflect my stories over the last couple of years.”

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Luke's 'American Idol' rules: No pets, altered classics, choreography, or "My Church"

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ABC/Gavin BondAs Luke Bryan and his fellow American Idol judges start their third season together on Sunday, there’s no denying they’ve learned a thing or two during their time on ABC.

Luke, Lionel Richie and Katy Perry all agree there are several mistakes that will almost always doom an audition. 

“Performing one of our songs,” Luke tells ABC Audio.

“Another one is when they take like a classic and try to rap it,” he continues, as he starts to sing one of former American Idol judge Paula Abdul‘s hits. “Somebody did, like, ‘Straight up, now tell me, do you really…’ But then they do something weird with it.”

“And then they bring choreography to it,” Lionel interjects. “It’s best — stand still, deliver the goods and kill it.”

“Never bring your dog, your pet,” Luke adds.

The tight-knit threesome goes on to reveal there are also certain songs you shouldn’t even attempt to sing at this point.

“What was the one? The Maren Morris [one]?” Luke asks. “‘My Church’ was… It’s hard to out-sing Maren Morris.”

“Yeah!” Katy agrees, while lapsing into her twangiest version of Maren’s debut hit. “My church! Like that.”

“We heard ‘My Church’ a lot,” Luke confirms.  

See American Idol season three’s hits — and misses — as the road to Hollywood kicks off Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.  The auditions start with stops in Savannah, Georgia; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Washington, D.C.; Los Angeles, California; and Sunriver, Oregon.

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Reba McEntire gives fans a behind-the-scenes peek at tonight's Young Sheldon guest spot

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ABC/Image Group LATonight, Reba McEntire gets to add to her TV acting resume with a guest role on Young Sheldon, the spin-off prequel of the hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory

Before the episode airs, Reba is offering a sneak peek at one of its scenes. The singer plays June, the ex-wife of Coach Ballard, the latter of whom is now striking up a romance with Young Sheldon’s grandmother, Meemaw.

In the clip Reba shared on social media, June and Meemaw meet for a slightly awkward — though lighthearted — drink, and strike up an unlikely friendship.

“I play June. I am Meemaw’s new boyfriend’s ex-wife. How’s that for a roundabout?!” Reba explains in a clip she posted to social media. “She’s letting Meemaw know what kind of guy Dale is. He might be a little nervous, too, [about] what [she’s] gonna be telling Meemaw.”

“When we have someone like Miss Reba on the show, it’s really, really fun,” says 11-year-old Iain Hermitage, who plays the title role on the show.

“I think Miss Reba McEntire fans will love it and Young Sheldon fans will love it.”

Reba’s episode of Young Sheldon airs tonight at 8PM ET on CBS.

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