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Oklahoma inmate captured after daring escape from jail's 12th floor

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(OKLAHOMA COUNTY, Ok.) — An Oklahoma inmate has been taken into custody after breaking out of his 12th-floor jail cell window and shimmying down what appeared to be sheets tied together.

Pablo Robledo, 34, escaped from Oklahoma County Jail with his cellmate, Jose Hernandez, early Friday morning, according to authorities.

Just before 7 a.m., the Oklahoma City Police Department notified the Oklahoma County Detention Center that it had detained an injured Hernandez, according to authorities, who said the OCDC then determined that Hernandez and Robledo had gone missing.

Officials said they believe Hernandez, who was taken to a hospital, broke his leg after jumping from the fourth floor, ABC Oklahoma City affiliate KOCO reported.

Online records show Robledo was being held since June 2019 on charges including first-degree murder, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and misdemeanor domestic abuse.

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Florida teen 'mastermind' arrested in connection with massive Twitter hack

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(TAMPA, Fla.) — A Florida teen has been arrested in connection with the massive Twitter hack earlier this month that impacted the accounts of Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Kanye West and other high-profile users.

The 17-year-old Tampa resident, who was arrested Friday, was hit with 30 felony charges in connection with the cyber attack, according to Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew Warren.

“These crimes were perpetrated using the names of famous people and celebrities, but they’re not the primary victims here,” Warren said in a statement. “This ‘Bit-Con’ was designed to steal money from regular Americans from all over the country, including here in Florida. This massive fraud was orchestrated right here in our backyard, and we will not stand for that.”

The Florida teen was the “mastermind” of the hack, according to a statement from Warren’s office.

In a news conference Friday, Warren described the alleged hacker as “not an ordinary 17-year-old.”

“This was a highly sophisticated attack on a magnitude not seen before, it could’ve been an extremely high amount of loss,” Warren said. “It could have destabilized financial markets both here and around the globe, because he had access to powerful politicians’ Twitter accounts, and could have undermined international diplomacy.”

Warren also revealed that the teen gained access to a Twitter account of an employee, and then gained access “to the internal controls of Twitter, through compromising a Twitter employee.”

“He compromised the security of a Twitter employee, which allowed him to gain access to that accounts and controls, and that gave him access to whatever Twitter account he wanted, he was then selling access to those accounts,” he said.

Warren noted that he was “surprised it was someone so young,” but added “at the same time, we see people all the time who are sophisticated and savvy on computers at a young age.”

During the July 15 hack, some of the compromised accounts tweeted for funds to be sent to a Bitcoin account.

Warren’s office said the scheme reaped more than $100,000 worth of Bitcoin in just one day.

The teen faces one count of organized fraud, 17 counts of communications fraud, 11 counts of fraudulent use of personal information and one count of accessing a computer or electronic device without authority.

“Working together, we will hold this defendant accountable,” Warren said in a statement. “Scamming people out of their hard-earned money is always wrong. Whether you’re taking advantage of someone in person or on the internet, trying to steal their cash or their cryptocurrency — it’s fraud, it’s illegal, and you won’t get away with it.”

Twitter previously said that 130 accounts were targeted in the attack, and that tweets were sent out from 45 of those accounts. The social media giant also said that their investigation revealed that the direct message inboxes of 36 accounts were accessed by the hackers, including one elected official in the Netherlands.

ABC News’ Luke Barr contributed to this report.

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Ron Howard releases new Nat Geo documentary 'Rebuilding Paradise'

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Nat Geo(LOS ANGELES) — The Camp Fire is remembered as one of the most destructive wildfires in California history. The fire left the close-knit community of Paradise, California charred within minutes.

The fire that ripped through towns in November 2018 is now the center of a new National Geographic documentary called Rebuilding Paradise. Directed by Ron Howard, the documentary respectfully goes through the town of Paradise and follows survivors through the year, as they struggle to rebuild.

Michelle John, a school superintendent in Paradise who lived in the community for 30 years, is one of the survivors who shares her experience with the documentary and recalls that fateful day.

“It was just the perfect storm and the first thing you have to think of is life,” she tells ABC Audio. “You forget about property, you forget about everything. You’re just saving people’s lives.”

Woody Culleton, a former mayor of Paradise, moved back into his rebuilt home in late 2019 with his wife. He praises Ron Howard’s ability to tell the story of Paradise and capture the strength of the small town, and says the documentary held importance for him personally.

“I hope people enjoy it and learn from it. For us personally, myself, my wife, my daughter, it has been a healing experience,” he explains.  

In an interview with Good Morning America this week, Ron Howard shared the reason he decided to film this documentary.

“My mother-in-law lived the last five years of her life in Paradise, that’s a town that I knew,” Howard explained. “Our team and us, we just started talking about … can that town even come back from that? What would rebuilding Paradise really be? And the answer was to go see.”

Rebuilding Paradise opens in select theaters and virtually July 31.  

Rebuilding Paradise Trailer (2020)

By Dana Schaeffer
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Tucker Beathard taps Lindsay Ell for reimagined duet version of “Faithful”

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Warner Music NashvilleTucker Beathard brought Lindsay Ell into the studio for a new duet version of “Faithful,” a song he released as a solo effort early this month.

Lindsay lends harmony vocals and takes the lead on the second verse of the song. She also brings her noted guitar skills to the track. Tucker recently told CMT that shooting the video for the song’s new version provided a fun chance for the two artists to geek out over musical equipment.

“I always love nerding out with anyone over gear and guitars,” he admits. “…I also loved hearing another artist interpret and approach one of my songs their own way. She gave a whole different feel to ‘Faithful.’”

The solo version of “Faithful” is included on Tucker’s upcoming project, King. It’s the second half of his debut double album, which began with 2018’s Nobody’s Everything, and is due for release on August 21.

Tucker’s not the only one with new music on the horizon: Lindsay also recently announced a new album, heart theory. That project will come out on August 14.

By Carena Liptak
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'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel'’s Stephanie Hsu vows to stop “deleting” herself as an Asian actress

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Dominik Bindl/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) — Stephanie Hsu, who joined the cast of Amazon’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel as Mei Lin for its third season, says the Black Lives Matter movement has inspired her to stop “deleting” herself as Asian actress.

Hsu, who got her big break in 2017’s Spongebob Squarepants, the Broadway Musical, tells Entertainment Tonight, “It’s funny because this time in quarantine with everything that is happening — not only with COVID, but with Black Lives Matter and the way that the entertainment industry is responding — I’ve been really reckoning on an even deeper level with my relationship to race.”

“For so long, I never really intended to be on Broadway.  A lot of that had to do with the fact that no one looked like me, so I kind of deleted it from my realm of possibility,” she continues.  “And I’ve never really let race get in my way because if I thought about it for too long, I think I would just be sad and feel like it would be impossible.”

Adds Hsu, “My way of coping was always like, “If this is something you want to [do]… Don’t even ask that silly question. Just do it, just go.  Just find people that you love working with and make things that you’re passionate about.”

Stephanie says landing the role as Mei has helped her even further in acknowledging her relationship with her Asian heritage.

“It’s kind of crazy that before I read the script that I said to myself, ‘What kind of Chinese character could exist in the 1950s?’…I just assumed that it couldn’t be possible.  And that type of deletion of self runs so deep in a way that I forget sometimes.  And I’m really aware. Like, damn, wow.  I didn’t think that that could be possible.”

By George Costantino
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