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'Star Wars' sequels actor John Boyega inks deal with Netflix to develop more African films

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ABC/Lou Rocco(LOS ANGELES) — Star Wars‘ John Boyega is focused on pushing more African content through his new development deal with Netflix. 

Fresh off its first original African debut last month Queen Sono, the movie streaming company merged with Boyega’s UK-based UpperRoom Productions to produce more African-focused films. According to Hollywood Reporter, their focus is non-English language films from West Africa, reflective of Boyega’s Nigerian heritage and East Africa, reflecting the Sudan heritage of UpperRoom VP Yara Shaikh. 

“I am thrilled to partner with Netflix to develop a slate of non-English language feature films focused on African stories and my team and I are excited to develop original material,” Boyega said. “We are proud to grow this arm of our business with a company that shares our vision.” 

Boyega founded the production company in 2016 to assist the 2018 film, Pacific: Uprising, which he starred in and produced. Since UpperRoom has expanded with upcoming film and TV projects, including some unscripted content.  

Netflix’s VP of international film David Kosse said, “”Africa has a rich history in storytelling and for Netflix, this partnership with John and UpperRoom presents an opportunity to further our investment in the continent while bringing unique African stories to our members both in Africa and around the world.”

Netflix is scheduled to premiere an originally scripted series from Nigeria later this year.

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Carrie Underwood on using music to connect: "It’s helpful to know that you’re not alone"

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ABC/Image Group LAFor Carrie Underwood, being open about the series of miscarriages she experienced was liberating.  

In a new interview with Parade, Carrie explains how being open about what she was going through was liberating, and also affected the music she was recording at the time.

“The entire time I was making Cry Pretty, I was going through all of that. For a year and a half plus, that was my world, and it felt like some secret I wasn’t supposed to talk about,” she explains. 

“But that’s what you do as a songwriter, you open your heart in the form of music and you talk about it,” she continues. “The response that I’ve received from women, it’s helpful to know that you’re not alone. That they’ve experienced the same things you have.”

Carrie, who released her new book Find Your Path on March 3, is celebrating her 37th birthday today.

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Officers cleared for opening fire on mass shooting suspect at Gilroy Garlic Festival

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Chalabala/iStock(GILROY, Calif.) — Three police officers were cleared of wrongdoing Tuesday for opening fire on a mass shooting suspect last year during the Gilroy Garlic Festival in Northern California.

The Gilroy police officers “undoubtedly saved lives and prevented further bloodshed” by shooting 19-year-old Santino Legan at the July 2019 gathering, according to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office.

Legan allegedly killed three people — including a 6-year-old — and injured 17 others at the popular family food fair.

Legan was firing an AK-47-style assault rifle into the crowd and at police when the officers shot him numerous times, prosecutors said.

The officers confronted the 19-year-old less than one minute after the shooting started, prosecutors said.

Legan had been struck by police multiple times when he “put the muzzle of his assault rifle to the roof of his mouth and pulled the trigger, taking his own life,” prosecutors said.

Deputy District Attorney Rob Baker wrote in his report that Detective Eric Cryar, Officer Robert Basuino and Officer Hugo Del Moral placed “themselves, literally, in the line of fire,” and “their actions were unquestionably lawful and justified.”

Legan fired at least 36 rounds of ammunition in his shooting spree, prosecutors said.

Trevor Irby, 25; Stephen Romero, 6; and Keyla Salazar, 13, were killed in the shooting.

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NY, Missouri attorneys general order televangelist Jim Bakker to stop promoting alleged coronavirus cure

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DNY59(NEW YORK) — Two state attorneys general ordered a prominent televangelist to stop peddling an alleged coronavirus elixir on his show.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Jim Bakker for misrepresentations about the effectiveness of “Silver Solution” as a treatment for coronavirus. Schmitt’s lawsuit came a week after the office of New York Attorney General Letitia James sent a cease-and-desist order to Bakker, ordering him to stop promoting the supplement as a COVID-19 treatment.

During a Feb. 12 episode of the “The Jim Bakker Show,” guest Sherrill Sellman claimed the so-called Silver Solution was able to eliminate some strains of coronavirus.

Asked if the Silver Solution would be effective against COVID-19, specifically, Sellman replied, “Let’s say it hasn’t been tested on this strain of the coronavirus, but it’s been tested on other strains of the coronavirus and it has been able to eliminate it within 12 hours.”

According to the World Health Organization, there are no current cures or direct treatments for the novel coronavirus, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said there’s no known cure for other coronavirus variants that cause SARS and MERS.

“Your show’s segment may mislead consumers as to the effectiveness of the Silver Solution product in protecting against the current outbreak,” the the New York cease-and-desist order said. “Any representation on the Jim Bakker Show that its Silver Solution products are effective at combating and/or treating the 2019 novel coronavirus violates New York law.”

The product is available for purchase on the show’s website, and the Federal Trade Commission issued warning letters to Bakker and other companies to stop promoting Silver Solution as a coronavirus treatment.

Schmitt’s lawsuit requests a restraining order and permanent injunction that orders Bakker to stop selling Silver Solution as a virus treatment.

James also ordered Bakker to stop promoting the product as a coronavirus cure or treatment and to put a disclaimer on its site that says the product hasn’t been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. James’ office gave Bakker 10 days to show that it complied with the order, or face legal action.

“In addition to being mindful about our health, we must also beware of unscrupulous actors who attempt to take advantage of this fear and anxiety to scam or deceive consumers,” James said in a statement.

Messages to Bakker for comment weren’t immediately returned.

Bakker was convicted in 1989 on multiple counts of fraud after he stole millions of dollars in a fundraising scandal. He spent five years in prison before returning to TV in 2003.

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Ingrid Andress is "Lady Like" in new Apple Music short film

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Warner Music Nashville Ingrid Andress is the subject of an Apple Music short film chronicling her rise to country stardom. 

The film goes along with the “More Hearts Than Mine” singer having been selected as one of Apple Music’s Up Next artists.

In a trailer for the film, Ingrid sits down for an intimate interview about her music and songwriting process in between clips of her onstage, and scenes of making her Grand Ole Opry debut. It also features glamour shots of the star on the beach, and twirling in an all-yellow ensemble amongst a backdrop of a blue sky and palm trees.

“I think because I felt so out of place coming from being home-schooled, it made me overthink and over-analyze everything. When I started writing songs, I was definitely overwhelmed at first,” she explains in a voice-over. 

“I felt like I didn’t fit in. You have to put in so much work to kind of neglect how you feel. I think I started writing better songs when I finally was just like, ‘I’m going to write what I feel and what I want,’” she adds. 

The film is available now. Her album Lady Like will be unveiled on March 27. She’s also nominated for New Female Artist of the Year at the 2020 ACM Awards.

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