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Reba McEntire gives fans a behind-the-scenes peek at tonight's Young Sheldon guest spot

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ABC/Image Group LATonight, Reba McEntire gets to add to her TV acting resume with a guest role on Young Sheldon, the spin-off prequel of the hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory

Before the episode airs, Reba is offering a sneak peek at one of its scenes. The singer plays June, the ex-wife of Coach Ballard, the latter of whom is now striking up a romance with Young Sheldon’s grandmother, Meemaw.

In the clip Reba shared on social media, June and Meemaw meet for a slightly awkward — though lighthearted — drink, and strike up an unlikely friendship.

“I play June. I am Meemaw’s new boyfriend’s ex-wife. How’s that for a roundabout?!” Reba explains in a clip she posted to social media. “She’s letting Meemaw know what kind of guy Dale is. He might be a little nervous, too, [about] what [she’s] gonna be telling Meemaw.”

“When we have someone like Miss Reba on the show, it’s really, really fun,” says 11-year-old Iain Hermitage, who plays the title role on the show.

“I think Miss Reba McEntire fans will love it and Young Sheldon fans will love it.”

Reba’s episode of Young Sheldon airs tonight at 8PM ET on CBS.

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Listen now: Luke Bryan unveils the title track of 'Born Here Live Here Die Here'

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Capitol NashvilleYou can check out both the cover and the title track of Luke Bryan’s new album, Born Here Live Here Die Here, via People.com now.

For his cover shot, a smiling, denim-clad Luke straddles a chair in the middle of a smoky warehouse.

As for the title cut of his seventh record, the Georgia native says he “fell in love with the song right away,” and knew he had to cut it.  

“The second I heard ‘Born Here Live Here Die Here’ it related to me,” Luke tells People, “how I grew up, how I have so many roots and so many ties to my hometown. And being tied to your hometown is very important in country music.”

The full Born Here Live Here Die Here set arrives April 24. You’ll be able to stream or download the album’s namesake tune Friday.

On Sunday, Luke kicks off his third season as a judge on American Idol at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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Carrie Underwood’s son thinks she’s a 70-year-old, professional laundry-washer in hilarious new post

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ABC/Image Group LAIn a recent social media postCarrie Underwood revealed the hilarious truth of what her four-year-old son, Isaiahreally thinks of her.

The superstar shared a fill-in-the-blank-style story about her that Isaiah wrote, complete with descriptions of her physical appearance, favorite foods and more. 

While some of Isaiah’s answers were pretty accurate — he said his mom was blonde and had brown eyes, for example — others were adorably off-base. He wrote that he thought the 36-year-old Carrie was aged 70, for one thing, and explained that her job was to “wash the laundry.” 

“Soooo…apparently I’m 70 and I’m really good at doing the laundry,” Carrie wrote in the caption of her post. 

Carrie likely has more sweet motherhood mishaps in front of her. In addition to big brother Isaiah, she and her husband, Mike Fisher, welcomed their second baby boy, Jacob, in January of 2019.

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Ohio State football players charged with rape make 1st court appearances

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Franklin County Ohio Sheriff(COLUMBUS) — Two Ohio State football players accused of rape appeared in court Thursday in Franklin County, Ohio, where the judge ordered them to not contact each other or the woman who reported the alleged rape.

Amir Riep and Jahsen Wint, both 21, were booked into jail Wednesday on rape and kidnapping charges.

The defensive backs have been dismissed from the football team, Ohio State Football Coach Ryan Day said Wednesday.

At Thursday’s court appearance, Riep’s bond was set at $100,000 and Wint’s was set at $75,000.

Riep has a prior conviction for disorderly conduct from 2018, prosecutor Kara Keating said in court. Wint does not have a record.

The alleged crime took place on Feb. 4, when the victim said she started having consensual sex with Riep before she “stopped and moved away,” “stating she did not want to continue,” according to court documents.

Wint came into the room and Riep asked her if he could join before allegedly “grabbing her by the neck and forcing her onto her hands and knees” and raping her, the documents said.

Riep then held her in place with his body while Wint allegedly forced her into oral sex, the documents said.

Riep then allegedly told her “she needed to give her name and say it was consensual on video recording,” the documents said.

After allegedly telling her she needed to take a shower, Riep drove her home, the documents said.

Riep’s attorney Karl Schneider said in court that his client would enter a not guilty plea.

“I’ve known his family and Amir for almost two years now and I assure you he will report for the proceedings,” he added.

Wint’s attorney, Samuel Shamansky, told ABC News that his client is innocent and will enter a not guilty plea.

“If and when this matter proceeds to trial, he’ll be fighting it tooth and nail,” he said.

Riep and Wint are due to return to court on Feb. 21.

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January 2020 was the hottest in modern recorded history, NOAA says

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Climate.gov(NEW YORK) — Last month has been named the hottest January in 141 years of recorded climate history, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The global land and ocean surface temperature in January was the highest on record for the month at 2.05 degrees Fahrenheit, surpassing a record set in 2016, NOAA scientists said in a press release Thursday. No land or ocean areas had record cold January temperatures.

The four warmest Januarys documented in the climate record have all occurred since 2016, while the 10 warmest have occurred since 2002.

January 2020 also marked the 44th consecutive January and the 421st consecutive month overall with temperatures above the 20th century average, according to the release.

Record-warm temperatures were experienced across parts of Scandinavia, Asia, the Indian Ocean, the central and western Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and Central and South America.

In addition, polar sea ice coverage remained smaller than normal and Arctic sea ice coverage was 5.3% below the average between 1981 and 2010. Snow coverage in the Northern Hemisphere was also below the 1981 to 2010 average.

The U.S. felt widespread warmth during the month of January, which marks the third time ever that nation-wide temperatures were warmer than average, NOAA announced earlier this week.

“January 2020 was the fifth-warmest January on record for the Lower 48 (aka “the contiguous United States,” or CONUS),” according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration climate.gov.

The monthly climate update showed that in the last 20 years, warmer average temperatures recorded in this climate division is a rarity — happening only two other times, in 2006 and 2012.

The first month of the year, on average, is the coldest of the year, but in 2020 a small handful of CONUS climate divisions were warmer than average.

“The only climate divisions in the CONUS that were cooler than average were in eastern Utah and southern Colorado,” the government agency reported. “Alaska, meanwhile, marched to its own January drum, with colder-than-average temperatures across most of the state.”

The average temperature over the 20th century was 30.12 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the only month of the year with a sub-freezing average temperature.

In the past three decades, NOAA reported that January temperatures have warmed significantly.

“Averaged over the entire historical record (1895-2020), January temperature has increased by 0.2 degrees F per decade,” NOAA climate.gov said. “But in reality, virtually all of that change has come in the past 30 years.”

With the exception of one month of the five colder-than-average Januarys, the average January temperature from 1991-2020 was recorded just above freezing at 32.35 degrees F.

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