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Collapsed deck in New Jersey injures at least 21

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Ahmad Austin/The Press of Atlantic City(ATLANTIC CITY, NJ) —  The deck of a New Jersey home collapsed around 6 p.m. on Saturday, injuring at least 21 people, according to ABC Philadelphia station WPVI-TV.

Exactly how many people were hurt was not immediately clear.

The incident occurred in the 200 block of East Baker Avenue in the city of Wildwood, WPVI reported.

Several of those injured were taken to a nearby hospital.

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Stolen pickup truck containing the ashes of owner's daughter returned after search

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Tramino/iStock(TAMPA, Fla.) —  Some 500 friends and loved ones of Nicolle Butler gathered last weekend for a funeral to remember the 27-year-old first grade teacher who died in a motorcycle accident.

But later that night, her father’s pickup truck was stolen from the parking lot of his hotel — and with it an urn containing her ashes.

“It really elevated the importance of the case for all of us here at the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office,” said Amanda Granit, a spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office.


Word went out to local media in the Tampa, Florida, area, along with a description of Donald Butler’s gray Ford pick-up. On Friday, police got a tip that a truck matching the description had been abandoned by the side of the road, and late that night the truck and the urn were returned to Donald Butler.

“The only thing in it was Nikki,” Butler said, adding that he had emptied out the truck in preparation to trade it in, before driving it to his daughter’s funeral.

Now that his daughter’s ashes are again in the family’s custody, Butler said they can get back to remembering “Nikki-Nik,” as he used to call her. He plans to set up a foundation and an annual gold tournament in her honor.

A good student who enjoyed cheerleading throughout high school and college, Nicolle loved her work as a teacher and was passionate about doing more to stop bullying.

“She had a good, strong head,” Butler said.

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High school students gift new clothes to bullied classmate in video

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Twann Lovee/Facebook(MEMPHIS, Tenn.) — A Memphis high school student who was bullied for wearing the same thing day after day has a new set of clothes and sneakers thanks to the generosity of two of his classmates.

A video of the students, Kristopher Graham and Antwann Garrett, presenting the gift to Michael Todd, a freshman who is new to the Memphis-area school, has attracted attention online. In it, the two boys, whose backs are to the camera, unpack a bag full of things and present them to Todd, as several female students look on.

On social media, people reacted to the video using the hashtags #stopbullying and #bekind. People who want to help can send donations to MLK College Preparatory in Memphis, Tennessee.

In interviews with local media, Todd said he had endured taunts for weeks. Graham and Garrett said they texted one another about what each could spare, and surprised Todd by the lockers.

One in five high school students reported being bullied on school property, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control said in 2018. The CDC says bullying can manifest itself in physical behavior, like pushing, as well as teasing, name calling and excluding someone from social situations.

While overall rates of bullying have stayed consistent, cyber-bullying has been sharply on the rise.

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'I almost died': David Ortiz gives 1st interview after being shot

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fstop123/iStock(BOSTON) — Boston Red Sox legend and three-time World Series champion David Ortiz gave his first interview after being shot in the Dominican Republic earlier this year.

The retired slugger known as “Big Papi” was shot at the Dial Bar and Lounge in Santo Domingo on June 9. In the interview, he described the moment as surreal and said he wondered if he was going to see the next day.

“For the first five seconds, I thought I was having a nightmare … I was feeling something that I had never felt before in my life, and that was to try to stay alive,” Ortiz told Univision in an exclusive interview Friday.

Ortiz was temporarily in a coma following complications from the shooting, and he remained in the hospital for nearly two months, undergoing three surgeries. His gunshot wounds caused damage to his liver and his small and large intestine.

Ortiz told Univision he’s still trying to process the shooting, and why he, as someone who always tried to get along with everyone, could get caught up in something like that.

“I am someone who likes to make friends, I like to be someone who is kind,” Ortiz said. “Someone that gets along with everyone – I am not [a] problematic person. I don’t like problems.”

Authorities said Ortiz’s friend, Sixto David Fernandez, was the target — and not Ortiz — but the gunman allegedly told police he got the two confused. The cousin of Fernandez, Victor Hugo Gomez, was arrested on June 28 in the Dominican Republic as the mastermind of the shooting. Hugo Gomez reportedly denied any wrongdoing in July, after a video of him surfaced. Dominican National Police said the investigation is in the “secret phase,” in June but have not provided any recent updates on the case against Huge Gomez.

Ortiz said he’s trying to get past the incident.

“The only thing that concerned me is that my country advances. That love that people have for you there. It is not a lie,” Ortiz told Univision.

Earlier this week Ortiz brought the home crowd at Fenway Park to its feet as he threw out the ceremonial first pitch against his long-time nemesis, the New York Yankees.

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Homeless man reunites with dog in heartwarming video

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Memphis Animal Services(MEMPHIS, Tenn.) — It had been weeks since Anthony Rogers last saw his beloved dog, Bobo.

Rogers, an artist who is currently homeless in the Memphis area, had been on the streets with Bobo before waking up one morning in late August to find that his Staffordshire Terrier mix was no longer there, according to the Memphis Animal Shelter.

He immediately contacted friends to help him look for the dog, and put up flyers in the area in case anyone spotted him.

On Wednesday, Bobo turned up at the Memphis shelter and an employee recognized him from the missing dog ads, prompting her to immediately call the number on the lost poster.

Minutes later, the dog and his owner shared a heartwarming reunion.

Video of the reunion shows Bobo running into Rogers’ arms and excitedly jumping up all over him, with his tail wagging wildly.

“Bobo could not contain his happiness at seeing his dad again,” the shelter wrote on Facebook.

Rogers can be seen smiling ear-to-ear.

Bobo has since been neutered, given a microchip and vaccinated by the Utopia Animal Hospital in Memphis.

The shelter gave Rogers a year’s supply of dog medicine and a bag of dog food. Bobo will also be rocking some new accessories thanks to the shelter, including a harness, leash, collar and tag, the shelter said.

Utopia Animal Hospital will continue to care for the dog as Rogers gets back on his feet, a spokeswoman said.

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