The Texas Thunder Radio Music Showcase is a seasonal radio show, produced by Texas Thunder Radio, and hosted by Egon Barthels, from TKO’s Bar-Grill-Music in the Historic William Green Building at the corner of Avenue E (US90A) and 7th in Shiner, Texas. There is NO CHARGE and ALL AGES are welcome. Monetary tips to performing artist are welcomed and encouraged. With respect for artists on the TTRMS Radio Show, we kindly ask those in attendance to keep conversation noise down, during the show, which is from 8-9pm.

Texas Thunder Radio Music Showcase LIVE radio show airs Wednesdays at 8pm|CT on Texas Thunder Radio at 94.3 and 99.9FM , TexasThunderRadio.com, and Texas Thunder Radio on the TuneIn Radio App! Thank you for your support of Live Music!

#TTRMS 2017 Schedule:


Jake Worthington
Jake Worthington

Connect: @JDW_Music

Born March 1, 1996 and raised in La Porte, Texas, country singer Jake Worthington had a true country kid childhood, developing a love of fishing, mudding, and four-wheeling, and of course, sports, which in turn led him to music after he broke his back playing football. While laid up from the injury, Worthington discovered his passion for music, particularly for traditional and neo-traditional country, and blessed with the perfect, tuneful Texas drawl of a singing voice, he set about building a professional career. After not making it out of the blind audition for season five of the reality talent show The Voice in 2013, Worthington returned to audition for season six in 2014, this time making the cut, ending up on Blake Shelton‘s team and placing second by the show’s finale, slipping in traditional country songs by Keith Whitley, George Strait, Waylon Jennings, and others along the way. Earning a fervent fan base through his exposure on The Voice, he returned home to Texas, still only 18 years old, to officially graduate from high school. A debut digital download single, “Heaven,” was released in May of 2014. In the coming year, Worthington signed on with W3 Entertainment and, in late 2015, issued his self-titled debut EP, which continued to play to his old-school traditional country image. Success from the TV show has led to a Social Media presence that reaches nearly 250,000 total people across the world; resulting in numerous YouTube videos with over 1 Million views each.

TTRMS Debut Performance: 2017

Top Songs: “How Do You Honkytonk” “Just Keep Falling In Love” “A Lot Of Room To Talk”

Pat Waters

Pat Waters

Connect: @patandchainlink

Hailing from Bridgeport, Texas, country music mainstay Pat Waters brings his faith based values, hard work ethic, sense of loyalty to friends and family, to his brand of music. The lanky traditionalist is truly a breath of fresh air in a world challenged daily by turmoil. Pat is a son, a husband, a father, a best friend, a Lonestar native, an ex-college football wide receiver, an inspirational role model to students all across the nation and most of all a high caliber country music artist.

Pat started out playing at VFW’s, oprys and small clubs, wooing the hearts of country music fans throughout the Southwest. He has released nine critically-acclaimed CD’s, made Texas Music Charts and even scored a #1 hit in the European market earning him the Terry Award’s Male Vocalist of the Year Award in Texas.

TTRMS Debut Performance: 2017

Top Songs: Like A Radio,” “Crazy That Way,” “Love You Back To Texas

Josh Ward

Josh Ward

Connect: @joshwardmusic

A Houston native, Josh’s earliest musical exposure was to old gospel hymns he sang in church. As a teenager riding in the high school Rodeo Circuit he discovered the likes of Willie, Waylon, Merle, Jones and Strait. Those musical legends inspired him to pick up a guitar and start singing in the parking lots of his rodeo events. Encouraged by his reception at the rodeos, he put his first band together and began paying his dues at the local honky-tonks in 2003.

Josh Ward released his 2nd album “Promises” in June 2012. The first single “Get Away” reached #18 on the Texas Regional Radio Chart – almost unheard of for a debut artist. Josh’s second single “Rainout Hangout” quickly moved up the Texas and Regional Radio charts – reaching Top 5 status. The third single “Sent Me You”, a ballad written by Scott Brown (Scooter Brown Band), gave Ward his very first Number 1 on both the Texas Regional Radio Report & The Texas Music Chart in April 2013. He followed with another #1 on his 4th single, “Promises” in Sept 2013. “Hard Whiskey” was released in November 2013 and reached #1 on the Texas Regional Radio Report and #3 on the Texas Music Chart. Following the success of “Promises”, Josh Ward, released his third studio album “Holding Me Together” October 30, 2015. Produced by Grammy Award Winning producer, Greg Hunt, at Rosewood Studios in Tyler, TX. Ward’s latest album features 10 new tracks from the 2013 Texas Regional Radio New Male Vocalist of the Year. Josh Ward has stayed true to his country roots with his most current project. Ward’s 3rd album has already seen four number one singles with “Highway”, “Whiskey & Whitley”, “Somewhere Between Right & Wrong”, and “Broken Heart” bringing his record to Seven consecutive number one hits. Josh Ward recently brought home the Texas Regional Radio Music Awards Song of the Year 2016 for “Whiskey & Whitley”.

TTRMS Past Performance:
2015, 2017

Top Songs: Hard Whiskey,” “Broken Heart,” “Whiskey and Whitley,” “Highway

TJ Broscoff

TJ Broscoff

Connect: @TJBroscoff

TJ Broscoff’s “Ready To Fly” album flourished on Texas radio with five singles reaching well inside the top 30 on the Texas Music charts. The stories on the album were true and described his struggle with his demons and his readiness to put it all behind him and move forward. To everyone’s delight, his life and his determination to be a class artist ran parallel on a road to success. After the success of “Ready to Fly”, TJ was ready with a whole new set of stories and observations that he knew he was ready to share. “The Break” was recorded and produced in the same studio that had brought forth his last project with Bill Green at the board and is as solid as a rock. With broader instrumentation and intelligent lyrics, “The Break” stands as a natural successor to its freshman counterpart, “Ready To Fly”.

Both of these projects are proof that musical ideas can be new and fresh and can also be coupled with lyrical content that does not insult the listener’s ability to understand more than a backroad and a tailgate. In two words you can describe TJ and his music: smart and talented. TJ is a true Texas Music phoenix. He rose up from one of the worst possible situations that he could have been in to succeed in his own uncompromising terms. Playing his music in nearly 200 shows a year proves that he was ready to fly and that all he needed was the break. Enjoy TJ Broscoff if for no other reason, he is smart and talented.

Past TTRMS Performances: 2014, 2017

Top Songs: Falling Down,” “My Dear,” “Phone Calls,” “Should’ve Been Mine

Bri Bagwell

Bri Bagwell

Connect: @BriBagwell

Bri Bagwell is an independent artist without a record deal, and without management. Her popularity is derived 100% by word of mouth and her raw talent. This grass roots effort is rare these days; it speaks to her infectious music and appeal. She started playing in a band with her older brothers while just a teenager growing up in New Mexico. A couple of weeks after turning 18, she moved to Austin, TX to study at UT and begin her music career in the live music capital of the world.

Her first CD, “Banned from Santa Fe”, released June 2011, sold through several printings, and gained traction very quickly among music fans. Bri Bagwell was the only female artist on the Texas Music Chart for a few weeks with her single, also titled “Banned from Santa Fe” and her song “Whiskey” became her 1st top 15 hit and has passed 70,000 YouTube views on the single’s video.

In 2013, Bri released her self-titled EP, which featured two brand new radio singles, “Hound Dog” and “Crazy”. Her latest radio release, “Crazy,” has been praised for its witty and relatable lyrics, and it continues to climb the Texas charts. In the internet age with music coming at you from every type of media, it is harder and harder for artists to get attention. Bri Bagwell is not only gaining attention, but she is also drumming up excitement; and, she does it all without a million-dollar budget.
TTRMS Performance: 2015, 2017

Top Songs: My Boots,” “Whiskey,” “Half As Good,” “Beer Pressure

Junior Gordon

Junior Gordon

Connect: @jgb_band

It use to be that when you said your hometown was Alvin, Texas, everyone thought of a certain very famous and fantastic baseball player. Now, there is another name associated with the town where talent abounds. The Junior Gordon Band. In April 2013, The Junior Gordon Band was nominated by The Houston Press for Best Band of the Year; Best Local Video of the Year and Junior himself was nominated for both the Local Musician of the Year and Best Male Vocalist! Now, that is sheer talent! The selection process is tough, and with so much talent in Houston and across Texas, but being considered for not only one, but THREE awards is an amazing thing!

The Junior Gordon Band isn’t all lovin’ and leavin’ and it’s evident in their spunky, playful beer drinking song “Good Friend of Mine,” and their downhome “County Fair.” The band takes the beautiful things life has to offer, right at our fingertips, and expresses those thoughts and feelings in songs about everyday life; songs that make you pause and think about life’s precious gifts, songs that are relatable on all levels, songs that make you turn the car around, head home, hug the wife and kids and take that vacation you’ve been putting off. Junior want’s families, just like his own, to enjoy their music, enjoy the show and want to hear more and look forward to the next time they will have an opportunity to come back. You see, family is a big part of The Junior Gordon Band. You will notice it in their pre-performance group prayer and down time as well. Get to know The Junior Gordon Band. You will become a lover of their music, charmed by their shows and a fan forever.

TTRMS Past Performance: 2015, 2017

Top Songs: Big,” “Country Lov’n,” “Mexicoma,” “I’m Breakin In

Scott Taylor Band

Scott Taylor Band

Connect: @scotttaylorband

Scott Taylor has grown up in dance halls & honky tonks on the road with his father & uncle, The Taylor Brothers, a well established Texas dancehall band.  These early family influences combined with his radio influences such as Ronnie Milsap, Merle Haggard, George Strait, Garth Brooks and Brook & Dunn are why Scott Taylor sings, performs and recently starting writing traditional country music.

The Scott Taylor Band has been on a roller coaster of a freight train ride in the music industry over the past 7 years with the release of their 5th single and title track to the Texas Country Music Radio stations in January 2017 and their 3rd album expected in the Summer 0f 2017!  These guys are relentlessly pushing forward and keeping their music and show fresh for all of their longstanding fans and new ones to come. From the strike of the first beat to ring of the final strum this band will have you two-stepping, clapping and singing along to the sounds of great country music from traditional classics to their own originals.

Past TTRMS Performances: 2015, 2017

Top Songs: I Hate You,” “By Now,” “All About The Music,” “Beautiful Sin


Mark McKinney

Mark Mckinney

Connect: @mark_mckinney

A west Texas native, Mark moved to Austin, Texas in the 90s and has since been quite comfortable living in the live music capitol of the world. In the summer of 2006, Mark released his first solo album, Get It On and hit the road touring full time.

Mark snagged his first Number One spot on the Texas Music Chart and TRRR in early 2013 with “She Ain’t Leavin’,” the debut single off of his latest album, Standing My Ground. Later that year, the second single from the album, “Stolen Cash,” made its way up to Number One on the charts. The song was inspired by much time spent in Port Aransas, Texas, a town McKinney considers to be his second home. It was written while staying at Seashell Village Resort, McKinney’s favorite of all Port Aransas hotels, and infamous getaway and writing retreat for many Texas songwriters. Seashell Village is also home to Third Coast Theater, a place many deem to be the best place for Port Aransas live music.

With four studio albums, Fifteen Top 10 hits on the Texas Country Charts, an ever-growing fan base, and favorite entertainer of the Texas music scene, Mark McKinney is a force to be reckoned with, and has no plans of slowing down any time soon. Mark’s brand new album, World In Between released in January of 2017, has already received much critical acclaim. 

TTRMS Performance: 2015, 2017

Top Songs: “She Ain’t Leavin’,”  “Stolen Cash,” “Lonely Bones,” “Sunshine” 


Matt Kimbrow

Matt Kimbrow

Connect: @MattKimbrow

Fort Worth’s Texas Boy Matt Kimbrow has emerged as one of the top up and coming stars on the Texas Red Dirt music scene. His music is now seen regularly on the Texas Music Charts and heard through all Red Dirt Radio Stations. In 2011, The breakthrough single, Kiss You In The Rain, was honored by the Texas Regional Radio Awards with a nomination for Single Of The Year against established Texas artists Eli Young Band, Casey Donahew, Stoney Larue and Jamie Richards. In 2013, Matt and the band reached new heights with the release of the single and video for “If It All Goes Right” from his Dedication EP. The video maintained a #2 ranking on CMT’s video charts for 2 consecutive weeks. Their current release, Lonestar Paradise, has spawned THREE Consecutive #1’s and 5 Top 10’s. With these hits on hand, as well as the rest of the bands catalog, MKB takes their show on the road playing cities and towns throughout Texas and states beyond.  The Houston Press named “Lonestar Paradise” the #6 Album of 2015 Through the Red Dirt Scene. While he headlines majority of his shows, he also has performed on the same bill as Texas Artists Legends Pat Green, Stoney Larue, Aaron Watson, Granger Smith Ect… as well as National Country Acts such as Tracy Lawerance,  Big & Rich, Easton Corbin, Joe Nicols, Dwight Yoakam, Craig Morgan and so many more. Matt Kimbrow brings a High Energy, Down Home Concert that Makes Country Music Fans crave for more Country Music Medicine. Sit tight, Matt Kimbrow is one of the Hottest Talked about Artist in the Red Dirt Country Music Scene and this is just the beginning of what’s to come that will be remembered when its all said and done.

TTRMS Performance: 2015, 2017

Top Songs: “Homesick Crazy,” “Lonestar Paradise,” “Where The Seeds Fall,” “Abilene


LJT Texas Music Festival On Tour!
Larry Joe TaylorDave PerezKoe Wetzel

Connect: @texasmusicfest

Larry Joe Taylor started out in the early 70’s no different than many of his fans today: A full-time employee with a deep love of music, armed with only an old guitar and a dream. Taylor writes songs that form his own genre he likes to call “Coastal & Western”. The varied moods of Taylor’s songs keep the crowds on their toes while he shifts from his loud-and-proud dancing tunes to soulful ballads.

Some 40 years later, Taylor finds himself right in the middle of the biggest dream of his life; to not only be a respected songwriter in his own right, but also having the opportunity to present songwriters and music he respects on one of the biggest stages in the U.S…the Larry Joe Taylor Texas Music Festival, drawing crowds of 55,000 plus.

So what does LJT do when not recording, performing or hosting the  Texas Regional Radio Music Awards “Event of the Year”? Each July, you can find Taylor living on “Island Time”, a 10-day trip to the small Caribbean island of Isla Mujeres, Mexico. August finds Taylor in Red River, New Mexico for his “Hot Chili Days, Cool Mountain Nights” festival. In September, he’s back at Melody Mountain Ranch for his annual “Rhymes & Vines” Music Festival and Homebrew and Winemaker Competition. In January, Taylor can be found “Coastin’ & Cruisin’” on his songwriter cruise, the largest songwriter cruise sailing out of Texas for the past 17 years. Music and event hosting aside, Taylor enjoys spending time at his ranch raising Black Angus and Brahman cattle, following PRCA Rodeo and PBR Bull Riding, and looks forward to the time when he can spend at least a year sailing the Caribbean; and the rest, as they say, is history.

TTRMS Past Performances: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Top Songs: Kamikaze CowgirlThird CoastOld Screen DoorI’ll Cerveza Thru It 

Jarrod Birmingham
Jarrod Birmingham

Connect: @Jarrod_B_Music

He has been compared to Waylon Jennings and Hank Williams, Jr., producer Eric Paul described the country traditionalist as “the first real singer of the 21st century.” Humbled by the accolades, Birmingham attributes his pure and gritty musical style to his true grit lifestyle.

This South Texas native is no manufactured “hat act.” Birmingham is a REAL cowboy. A former professional bull rider who has enough pins, plates, and screws in his body to make it difficult to pass an airport scanner, Birmingham’s music is steeped in stark realism “I never really quit riding bulls,” he laughs. “The music just sort of took over. But, what you see is what you get when you deal with me, and that is how I want to come across through my music.”

TTRMS Performance: 2013, 2015, 2017

Top Songs: December Gone,’ ‘That’s What Dancers Do,’ ‘Best I Can,’ ‘What Was She Thinkin

Curtis Grimes

Curtis Grimes

Connect: @CurtisGrimes

Like thousands of guys, Curtis Grimes started singing sad songs after he broke up with his gal. But unlike most of them, Grimes was good enough to make a living off his music after he got over his heartbreak. Born in 1986 in Gilmer, Texas, Grimes was a star athlete in high school, and as pitcher with their baseball team, he helped take his team to the state championships. A strong student as well as a star on the diamond, Grimes won a scholarship to Centenary College in Louisiana, but after splitting up with his fiancee, he set aside both baseball and academics for a while. As he sorted out his feelings, Grimes began toying with his roommate’s guitar, and soon he bought his own six-string from a pawn shop and began playing in earnest. Grimes resumed his academic career at Texas State University in San Marcos, but he brought that guitar with him, and began playing and singing for friends at parties. Grimes received positive feedback from his friends, and moved up to playing local bars and frat parties.
Grimes was working often enough that he formed a band, and after winning a contest that earned him an opening slot at a Kenny Chesney concert in Austin, he decided it was time to make music a full-time job. Grimes began playing the country circuit in Texas and Oklahoma, and 2009 saw the release of Grimes’ first album, a self-released effort titled Lonely River. Grimes got a taste of national exposure in 2011, when he was chosen to compete on the popular television talent competition The Voice. Grimes auditioned with Blake Shelton’s hit “Hillbilly Bone.” Shelton, who was one of the judges, didn’t bite, but Cee Lo Green was impressed, and became Grimes’ coach for his eight-week run on the show, which took him to the quarterfinals. As The Voice increased Grimes’ visibility, he released a seven-song EP, 2011’s Doin’ My Time, and continued to tour regularly. In 2014, Grimes unveiled his second full-length album, Our Side of the Fence, while the 2015 EP Bottom of the Fifth saw Grimes making his way onto the Billboard Independent Albums chart, peaking at 29. (The title song also topped the Texas Regional Radio chart, as did the tunes “Baby Don’t Cry,” “Our Side of the Fence,” and “The Cowboy Kind.”) In November 2016, Grimes dropped another full-length effort, Undeniably Country; the first single from the album, “From Where I’m Standing,” became another Texas radio hit. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

TTRMS Performance: 2013, 2017

Top Songs: From Where I’m Standing,” “Bottom of the Fifth,” “Home to Me,” “Our Side of the Fence

ttrms zane

Zane Williams

Connect: @ZaneTheSinger

“Bringin’ Country Back” is more than a catchphrase for Zane Williams. It is a rallying cry for a return to authenticity and substance in mainstream country music, and a fitting title for his sixth studio album. “I think of country music as poetry for the common man,” he says reflectively. That plain-spoken, down-home honesty has now become the calling card for Zane’s own career, landing him four #1 songs on the Texas radio charts, opening gigs with heroes like George Jones and Alan Jackson, and even an invitation to perform at the Grand Ole Opry in 2015.

After spending time in Nashville, Zane quickly found in Texas a welcome home for his brand of honest, traditional country music. “In Texas, all the middlemen standing between me and the fans were gone. I could just make records, play shows, and be myself. I found out it didn’t have to be complicated.” Four more independent records followed, each attracting a wider audience than the last. When Zane put together his first band at age 33, he was a decade older than most of the new artists on the scene, and much more experienced as a songwriter, yet his obvious love of performing and connecting with his fans infused his shows with a youthful passion. Bringin’ Country Back melds that passion with his hard-earned experience as a performer and producer to create his most confident work yet. “I just love country music, and I don’t want to see it fall by the wayside,” he says. “I wanted to create a laid-back, old-school country album that folks could listen to on the back porch with the sun going down. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s real.” And isn’t that what country music should be?

TTRMS Performance: 2013; 2017

Top Songs: Overnight Success,” “Texas Like That,” “Little to Late,” “Jayton & Jill,” “99 Bottles,” “Bringin’ Country Back

Past #TTRMS Performers –

10-2-13 – Mario Flores and the Soda Creek Band
10-9-13 – Renegade West
10-16-13 – Thom Shepherd & Coley McCabe
10-23-13 – Charlie Montague
10-30-13 – Zane Williams
11-6-13 – The Rankin Twins
11-13-13 – Jarrod Birmingham
11-20-13 – Mike and the Moonpies
12-4-13 – Curtis Grimes
12-11-13 – Kylie Rae Harris
12-18-13 – Owen Temple

2-5-14 – Matt Caldwell
2-12-14 – Shane Smith
2-19-14 – Brian Keane
2-26-14 – Josh Grider
3-5-14 – Jeremy Steding
3-12-14 – Adam Fears
3-19-14 – Clay Thrash
3-26-14 – Jimmy Grayson, Rod Ballou, Kenny Harrell
4-2-14 – Larry Joe Taylor
4-9-14 – Jake Kellen, Jeff Whitehead, Hayden Huse
4-16-14 – Cameran Nelson, Jeff Grossman (Saints Eleven)
4-23-14 – Jamie Richards & Kimberly Dunn
4-30-14 – Zach Nytomt & Josh Fuller

9-3-14 – Doug Moreland
9-10-14 – Phil Hamilton & Erica Perry
9-17-14 – Fred Andrews of Honeybrowne
9-24-14 – Cody Bryan Band
10-1-14 – TJ Broscoff
10-8-14 – Raven Cliff
10-15-14 – Sheila Marshall
10-22-14 – Tyler and the Tribe
10-29-14 – Jason Allen
11-5-14 – Brandon Rhyder
11-12-14 – Sunny Sweeney
11-19-14 – Mario Flores

2-4-15 – Bri Bagwell
2-11-15 – Jamie Richards
2-18-15 – Thom Shepherd & Coley McCabe
2-25-15 – Jarrod Birmingham & Jennifer Martinez
3-4-15 – Mike and the Moonpies
3-11-15 – Rumor Town
3-18-15 – Matt Easley/Damon Curtis/Jade Marie Patek
3-25-15 – Stewart Mann & Statesboro Revue
4-1-15 – Abbi Walker
4-8-15 – Larry Joe Taylor
4-15-15 – Tejas Brothers
4-22-15 – Moonlight Social
4-29-15 – Doc West

9-2-15 – Justin Thompson
9-9-15 – Casey Berry
9-16-15 – Matt Kimbrow
9-23-15 – Junior Gordon
9-30-15 – James Lann
10-7-15 – Josh Ward
10-14-15 – Matt Caldwell
10-21-15 – Scott Taylor Band
10-28-15 – Raven Cliff
11-4-15 – Folk Family Revival
11-11-15 – Mark Mckinney
11-18-15 – Jon Wolfe

4-6-16 – Kylie Frey
4-13-16 – Larry Joe Taylor
4-20-16 – Austin Allsup
4-27-16 – Breelan Angel
5-4-16 – Jason Cassidy
5-11-16 – Mike Ryan
5-18-16 – Sunny Sweeney
5-25-16 – Cory Morrow

9-7-16 – Dalton Domino
9-14-16 – Sarah Hobbs
9-21-16 – Dub Miller
9-28-16 – Jeff Jacobs Band
10-5-16 – The Strayhearts
10-12-16 – Jeff Grossman
10-19-16 – Austin Meade
10-26-16 – Rich O’Toole
11-2-16 – Chance Anderson
11-9-16 – Hunter Rea Band
11-16-16 – Will Carter
11-23-16 – Rick Trevino
11-30-16 – Drew Fish

2-1-17 – Jake Worthington
2-8-17 – Pat Waters
2-15-17 – Josh Ward
2-22-17 – TJ Broscoff
3-1-17 – Bri Bagwell
3-8-17 – Junior Gordon
3-15-17 – Scott Taylor Band
3-22-17 – Mark Mckinney
3-29-17 – Matt Kimbrow
4-5-17 – Larry Joe Taylor
4-12-17 – Jarrod Birmingham
4 -19-17 – Curtis Grimes
4-26-17 – Zane Williams

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