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TTR Weather Update for DE WITT, FAYETTE, GONZALES, and LAVACA Counties from the National Weather Service Austin / San Antonio.

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The widespread heavy rainfall event did not materialize overnight as our official forecast and most of the computer models advertised yesterday. The cold front that was to have assisted with the development of storms stalled overnight north of the area near a Temple to Junction line.

The front has since moved slightly farther south this morning and will enhance rainfall potential through the morning hours near the Austin metro area and then east of I-35 this afternoon.

The Flash Flood Watch was allowed to expire earlier this morning. Widespread heavy rainfall is no longer expected. Despite this, some isolated downpours of 1-2 inches are possible and could potentially cause localized flooding impacts, mainly in the previously mentioned areas near the Austin metro area this morning and then east of I-35 this afternoon. Small hail is also possible in some of the stronger storms.


Low to moderate.

Jason Runyen
National Weather Service
Austin / San Antonio

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