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Kit Harington hosts ‘Saturday Night Live’ but can’t leave ‘Game of Thrones’ behind

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Rosalind O’Connor/NBC(NEW YORK) — If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, it was definitely odd seeing star Kit Harington — who plays the somber, scruffy warrior king Jon Snow — clean-shaven and smiling as he hosted Saturday Night Live over the weekend.  But the show wasted no time poking fun at him, and the HBO series.

It started in the opening monologue, when he insisted he was ready to move on from Game of Thrones and really didn’t want to talk about it.  Of course, that’s all audience members wanted to talk about as he took questions — including from fellow cast member Emilia Clarke, aka Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow’s love interest. 

“Hey, do you remember in season six when we had sex?” Clarke asked.  “Did you know they filmed that?”

Also popping up was John Bradley, aka Samwell Tarly, and SNL regular Pete Davidson, in full makeup as the evil Night King, leader of the army of the dead.  “I just need to know. Do people hate me?” he asked.  “Because it really feels like they hate me.”

The final question came from actress Rose Leslie, Harington’s wife whom he met when they played lovers on Game of Thrones.  “How quickly can you grow back that beard?” she asked.

There was also a recorded sketch about the Game of Thrones “prequels, sequels and spin-offs” on HBO after Game of Thrones ends.  Highlights include Arya, a take-off on MTV’s late 1990s animated series Daria except starring the assassin Arya Stark; The Queen of King’s Landing, a sitcom starring the characters Sam Tarly and his girlfriend, Gilly; and GoT; SVU, a take off on Law & Order: SVU that featured cameos by SVU stars Mariska Hargitay and Ice-T as sex crimes investigators in Westeros.

The show’s cold open this week poked fun at recent claims from various women that Joe Biden was physically inappropriate with them in the past.  Jason Sudeikis reprised his impression as an extremely handsy former VP as he received some lessons in decorum. 

“[T]he important thing is that I’m listening, that I hear you,” he said, adding, “and that I feel you.”

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