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Keep Raven Cliff Rolling

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Raven Cliff, who recently performed at Shiner Music Fest, needs your help. Raven Cliff’s Facebook post simply stated, “Our old van died and we could really use some fan support to get back on our feet!” Now, Raven Cliff, has started a go fund me campaign to help get them back on the road.

“Raven Cliff Fans,

We’ve taken a leap of faith.  Our old trusty van has kicked the bucket, and we were left with a choice: end Raven Cliff’s story right here……or don’t.  Call it quits while broken down on the side of the highway….or pool everything we have to regroup and start anew.

We. chose. the latter.  Being in this band has changed our lives, and the overwhelming support from fans like you has given us the ever-rejuvenating motivation to just keep swimming.  We’ll press on and will continue to do whatever it takes to spread our music throughout the country, but we need your help.

That leap of faith leaves us with a lot of unknown.  Are we going to be able to make the payments?  What about the other costs of being in a working band?  How are we going to afford hotel rooms when traveling to your hometown for a show?  How are going to pay for gas, maintenance, and insurance?  All of that and more on top of the car payment?  What happened to just focusing on music?

We’re asking you to help us chip away at the van’s costs, in turn helping us travel to a show near you.  Help us lean into the incredible community that we’ve all built together around this music.  Anything at all that can be given means the absolute world to us, and we would be forever grateful to keep this dream alive.

Thank you, and spread the word.  Raven Cliff keeps rockin.”

You can donate, or learn more, by visiting https://www.gofundme.com/ravencliff

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