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Here’s whats happening this week on Lone Star Outdoors Show with Cable Smith

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We discuss sea duck hunting and the tradition and culture of waterfowling the Chesapeake Bay with longtime sea duck guide Jeff ‘Pitboss’ Coats. Wooden decoy carving, punt guns, market hunting and much more originated in that region which is the biggest wintering ground in the Atlantic Flyway for many duck/geese species.

Old Squaw_zpstoav9isu
Pair of Old Squaw Decoys worth over $100,000


We also are joined in studio by Sierra Mesa Ranch’s Rob Carringer. We take a look at everything from the science behind genetics and breeding to legislation and even CWD’S impact on the industry over the past 2 years.

We wrap things up by talking redfish and trout with our old friend Captain Len Girard.  What baits are causing the most hook ups right now (both live and artificial) and where is he finding big schools of each? Captain Len gives us the nitty gritty details.

Join us Saturday morning at 8, on Texas Thunder Radio.

Cable Smith
Owner/Host  Lone Star Outdoors Show
Twitter: @LonestarOutdoor

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