#TTRMS – Jeff Jacobs Band

  • Date:2016-09-28
  • Time:20:00
  • Location: Shiner, Texas
  • Venue: TKO's Bar-Grill-Music103 East 7th Street

The Texas Thunder Radio Music Showcase is a seasonal radio show, produced by Texas Thunder Radio, and hosted by Egon Barthels, from TKO’s Bar-Grill-Music in the Historic William Green Building at the corner of Avenue E (US90A) and 7th in Shiner, Texas. There is NO CHARGE and ALL AGES are welcome. Monetary tips to performing artist are welcomed and encouraged. With respect for artists on the TTRMS Radio Show, we kindly those in attendance to keep conversation noise down, during the show, which is from 8-9pm.

Jeff Jacobs Band
Wednesday, Sept 28th – 8:00 p.m.

Connect: @JeffJacobsBand

“I have always wanted to play my own songs. I never wanted to do covers, because it felt empty being really great at sounding like King George or Zac Brown Band, having people dancing and clapping for songs that weren’t mine.” So it comes with little question why Jeff sought the formation of Jeff Jacobs Band, “Look around,” he says. “None of the named acts, Garth Brooks, Wade Bowen, Willie Nelson, Gary Allen….none of those guys really go it alone. They are surrounded by great musicians and friends, just like me.

“Shortly after I graduated high school, I had two kids,” Jeff explains. “It put things on hold from a professional musician standpoint, for me. But I always kept playing. Always playing. I would play for my kids, my family, and my friends.” Jeff expands on the point, “I didn’t start playing professionally until 2000, and that’s when the intersection of reality in the love of music and success in music set in. I really feel all of the things I’ve been through have brought me to this point. Success is about never giving up. Now is the time,” Jeff says with a toothy grin on his face, “because if a singer sings in the woods and there is no one to hear it, does it matter?”

TTRMS Debut Performance: 2016

Top Songs: “Spend Some Time,” “Break His Heart Tonight,” “Far Away“.

Texas Thunder Radio Music Showcase LIVE radio show airs Wednesdays at 8pm|CT on Texas Thunder Radio at 94.3 and 99.9FM , TexasThunderRadio.com, and Texas Thunder Radio on the TuneIn Radio App and presented by: Ziegenbock; and Cuero TurkeyFest! Thank you for your support of Live Music!

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