Texas Thunder Radio Music Showcase

  • Date:2016-05-04
  • Time:20:00
  • Venue: William Green Building - Shiner, Texas
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The Texas Thunder Radio Music Showcase is a seasonal radio show, produced by Texas Thunder Radio and hosted by Egon Barthels. Previous guests include: Sunny Sweeney, Larry Joe Taylor, Doug Moreland, Sheila Marshall, Zane Williams, Kylie Rae Harris, Brandon Rhyder, Jamie Richards, T.J. Broscoff, Jarrod Birmingham, Mike and the Moonpies, Bri Bagwell, The Tejas Brothers, Fred Andrews of Honeybrowne, Owen Temple, Thom Shepherd, Coley McCabe, Tyler and The Tribe, Mario Flores and the Soda Creek Band, Phil Hamilton, Erica Perry, Jason Allen, Cody Bryan Band, Curtis Grimes, Stewart Mann and Statesboro Revue, Raven Cliff, Scott Taylor Band, and many more!

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