Great Gobbler Gallop!

  • Date:2016-09-17
  • Time:13:00
  • Location: Cuero, Texas
  • Venue: Main Street Kaffee Haus & Deli104 East Main

The annual Running of the Great Gobbler Gallop between the “World’s Fastest Turkey” Ruby Begonia of Cuero and Paycheck from Worthington, Minnesota. See Ruby Begonia race LIVE this Saturday when she travels to Worthington, Minnesota for King Turkey Day, Inc. & the 1st Heat of the Great Gobbler Gallop! Catch it in Cuero,Texas with Texas Thunder Radio LIVE at Main Street Kaffee Haus & Deli starting at 1pm. 

Presenting the 2016 Race Teams:

2016 Ruby Begonia Race Team
ruby-begoniaKeith Goebel (Handler), Brenda Martin, Brittany Garza (Coach) and Ken Klimitchek (Handler)

2016 Paycheck Race Team

paychckSusanne Murphy (Captain), Kirk Feit (Coach), Diane Remakel (Handler) and Ashley Goettig (Handler). 

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