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On this weeks edition of the Lone Star Outdoors Show with Cable Smith, we start the broadcast by taking a look at the federal lead shot ban of 1991 and how it has affected waterfowl shot shells over the past 25 years. Joining us for the discussion is HeviShot’s President – Ralph Nauman.

Next, we are joined by Joshua Baptist Church pastor Gene Wolfenbarger. Dr. Wolfenbarger recently returned from a caribou hunt in Quebec- the entire trip for him and his son was donated by the congregation for 30 years of service in the pulpit each Sunday! He recounts this bucket list, once in a lifetime hunt.

Then it’s all about the redfish and trout bite on the coast with our old friend Captain Len Girard. He tells us where he’s finding big, spawning bull reds and healthy limits of trout.

We wrap up the broadcast by heading to South Africa with Carl Van Syl of John X Safaris. We compare wildlife conservation in North America vs South Africa. Plus we get into planning your first safari and a much more.

Listen Saturday morning at 8, on Texas Thunder Radio.


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