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Scoreboard roundup — 12/2/19

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iStock(NEW YORK) — Here are the scores from Monday’s sports events:

Phoenix 109, Charlotte 104
Philadelphia 103, Utah 94
Atlanta 104, Golden State 79
Indiana 117, Memphis 104
Milwaukee 132, New York 88
Chicago 113, Sacramento 106

Buffalo 7, New Jersey 1
Vegas 4, NY Rangers 1
NY Islanders 4, Detroit 1
St. Louis 4, Chicago 0
Anaheim 4, Los Angeles 2

Seattle 37, Minnesota 30

Washington 75, South Dakota 55  

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Howard volleyball player skips final conference tournament to make lifesaving donation to a stranger

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iStock(NEW YORK) — A senior volleyball player at Howard University spent her final conference tournament in recovery after making a lifesaving blood stem cell donation to a stranger.

Jurnee Farrell, 21, has played volleyball for Howard University throughout her four years at the school. During sophomore year her coach, Shaun Kupferberg, encouraged the women on his team to register with Be The Match, an organization that works to save lives through marrow donation, through a registration table they had on campus.

“Growing up my dad worked at a children’s hospital in Chicago. I grew up in that type of environment and saw what an organ donation or a tissue donation can do for a family,” Kupferberg said. “If somebody’s life can be saved by a simple donation it’s obviously an easy thing to do and we should be helping.”

Farrell got her cheek swabbed and registered as a potential donor with Be The Match. Two years later she received a call letting her know that she was a match for a 57-year-old woman with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

The organization informed her that becoming a donor would involve several months of physicals and blood tests — but that Farrell’s donation could also save this woman’s life.

“It wasn’t registering to me that I would be saving someone’s life. I was just like, okay, I registered for this thing and I’m going to go through with it,” Farrell said. “It took me a lot of time to realize what I was doing.”

According to Be The Match’s website, African Americans have just a 23% chance of finding a matched adult donor through its registry.

Farrell’s donation date was Nov. 19. Recovery from the procedure, doctors informed her, would take 7 to 10 days.

Donating that day also meant that she would miss playing in the final conference tournament with her teammates, taking place that weekend.

“It was bittersweet, but it was definitely a no-brainer,” Farrell said. “If somebody gets the opportunity to save someone’s life, whether it be a stranger or a family member, I would hope that it’s a no-brainer for everybody.”

Kupferberg encouraged her to go through with the donation. “You’re doing something bigger than volleyball,” he told her.

“I talk to our team all the time about priorities. Obviously, contributing something of this magnitude is a priority,” Kupferberg said. “It was a pretty easy decision. If you want to talk about what you contribute to the world in twenty years and you can tell anybody that you had the chance to save someone’s life — that’s a major accomplishment.”

Farrell went through the donation procedure and a few days later was sitting on a bench cheering while her teammates won the conference title. They advance to the NCAA volleyball tournament, in which Farrell will take part.

“It’s one of those things that everything always works out the way it’s supposed to,” Kupferberg said. “You want to see her rewarded for making the right decision. Getting to play in the NCAA tournament is a blessing after all of that.”

Farrell will find out in one year through Be The Match if her donation was successful. If so, she has the option to anonymously reach out to the donor.

“I really want to meet her and put a face to such a big part of my life now,” Farrell said. “I think it becomes real when you’re donating but that feeling would be elevated even more if I were able to meet this person.”

For anyone looking to become a donor, Farrell has a message.

“You’re saving someone’s life and it’s super, super easy,” Farrell said. “For you to be in pain for four or five days is nothing compared to someone who’s been in pain for months. If you get the opportunity to save someone’s life with such an easy process — you shouldn’t hesitate.”

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Dwyane Wade fires back at trolls criticizing his 12-year-old in Thanksgiving family photo

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Phil Ellsworth / ESPN Images(New York) — Gabrielle Union’s husband Dwyane Wade took to Twitter on Saturday to respond to “some post-thanksgiving hate” over a family photo she shared last week on Instagram.

The photo shows Union posing alongside Wade, their daughter Kaavia, and Wade’s son Zion, who sports long fingernails and a crop top.

“I’ve seen some post-thanksgiving hate on social about my family photo. Stupidity is apart of this world we live in—so i get it. But here’s the thing—I’ve been chosen to lead my family not y’all. So we will continue to be us and support each other with pride, love & a smile!” the retired Miami Heat star wrote.

Wade received numerous responses from other Twitter users who praised the couple for supporting their children.

One user wrote, “Idk if @DwyaneWade & @itsgabrielleu know how POWERFUL & MOVING it is that they’re embracing their son’s individuality. (Damnit I’m crying) In our community, being given autonomy over your body, beliefs, image, & statements as a child isn’t a thing. That child is free & happy.”

“As a parent my only goal is that my kids feel that I see them, love them and support them,” Wade replied.

It’s not the first time the couple has drawn criticism from trolls online.

In October, Wade shared a photo of Union, Kaavia, and Zion on social media, labeling the image “My girls.” One user then reposted the shot with the caption, “What y’all think about this?”

“Looks like love to me,” Union responded. “I truly hope that everyone gets the love, support and hugs they deserve. Also Kaav ain’t with the dumb s***. Peace & Blessings good people.”

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Scoreboard roundup — 12/1/19

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iStock(NEW YORK) — Here are the scores from Sunday’s sports events:

Miami 109, Brooklyn 106
Memphis 115, Minnesota 107
Boston 113, New York 104
Dallas 114, L.A. Lakers 100
Detroit 132, San Antonio 98
Oklahoma City 107, New Orleans 104
Orlando 100, Golden State 96
Toronto 130, Utah 110
L.A. Clippers 150, Washington 125

Minnesota 3, Dallas 2
Boston 3, Montreal 1
Edmonton 3, Vancouver 2

Miami 37, Philadelphia 31
Cincinnati 22, NY Jets 6
Tennessee 31, Indianapolis 17
Pittsburgh 20, Cleveland 13
Washington 29, Carolina 21
Green Bay 31, NY Giants 13
Baltimore 20, San Francisco 17
Tampa Bay 28, Jacksonville 11
L.A. Rams 34, Arizona 7
Kansas City 40, Oakland 9
Denver 23, L.A. Chargers 20
Houston 28, New England 22

Maryland 84, Marquette 63
Arizona 73, Wake Forest 66
Villanova 83, La Salle 72

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Scoreboard roundup — 11/30/19

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iStock(NEW YORK) — Here are the scores from Saturday’s sports events:

 Final OT  Sacramento    100  Denver     97
 Final  Philadelphia  119  Indiana    116
 Final  Houston       158  Atlanta    111
 Final  Milwaukee     137  Charlotte  96

 Final  NY Rangers     4  New Jersey   0
 Final OT  Philadelphia    4  Montreal     3
 Final  Calgary         3  Ottawa       1
 Final  Washington      5  Detroit      2
 Final  Florida         3  Nashville    0
 Final  N-Y Islanders   2  Columbus     0
 Final  Carolina        3  Tampa Bay    2
 Final OT  Toronto         2  Buffalo      1
 Final  San Jose        4  Arizona      2
 Final  St. Louis       5  Pittsburgh   2
 Final  Colorado        7  Chicago      3
 Final  Vancouver       5  Edmonton     2
 Final  Los Angeles     2  Winnipeg     1
  (17)Tennessee  72  (20)VCU         69
  (21)Colorado   59  Sacramento St.  45
  (25)Xavier     87  Lipscomb        62

  (1)LSU          50  Texas A&M          7
  (2)Ohio St.     56  (10)Michigan      27
  (3)Clemson      38  South Carolina     3
  (4)Georgia      52  Georgia Tech       7
  (16)Auburn      48  (5)Alabama        45
  (6)Utah         45  Colorado          15
  (7)Oklahoma     34  (21)Oklahoma St.  16
  (13)Wisconsin   38  (9)Minnesota      17
  (11)Baylor      61  Kansas             6
  (12)Penn St.    27  Rutgers            6
  (14)Oregon      24  Oregon St.        10
  (15)Notre Dame  45  Stanford          24
  (24)Navy        56  Houston           41
  (8)Florida  40  Florida St.  17 

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