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What is lava haze and why is it so dangerous?

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Mario Tama/Getty Images(HILO, Hawaii) — Lava from the Kilauea volcano is pouring into the Pacific Ocean off Hawaii’s Big Island, creating a new, dangerous hazard known as “laze.”

When the lava enters the ocean, it generates a laze plume — a dangerous mix of lava and haze that can cause eye, lung and skin irritation.

Laze plumes can travel with the wind and can change direction quickly, which has prompted authorities to urge the public to avoid the area completely. Authorities have warned that the most dangerous place to be exposed to “laze” is near the entry point of the lava into the sea. Even being downwind of the entry point is not advised because the wispy edges of the laze can cause skin and eye irritation and difficulty breathing.

The U.S. Coast Guard is also helping keep people away from the coast and only allowing permitted tour boats into the area.

According to the United States Geological Survey, “laze” is when molten lava flows into the ocean, reacting vigorously with seawater to create a different type of gas plume that results in hazy and noxious conditions downwind of an ocean entry. It forms through a series of chemical reactions as hot lava boils the colder seawater to dryness.

Charlie Mandeville of the Volcano Hazards Program at the USGS told ABC News “the trade winds in Hawaii are currently blowing the laze to the southwest direction, causing the southeast shore of Kilauea to be at highest risk of the plume.”

He said that the plume is an irritating mixture of hydrochloric acid gas, steam and tiny volcanic glass particles.

The ocean-entry plume can also cause acid rain that has a pH between 1.5 and 3.5, which has the corrosive properties of diluted battery acid.

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Santa Fe High School massacre: A closer look at the teachers, students who were killed

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Scott Olson/Getty Images(SANTA FE, Texas) — Two teachers and eight students, including an exchange student, were killed when a gunman stormed into Santa Fe High School in Texas on Friday morning.

Thirteen others were injured in what Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called “one of the most heinous attacks that we’ve ever seen in the history of Texas schools.”

The suspected gunman, a 17-year-old student, is in custody after allegedly targeting two art classes.

Here is what we know about the 10 people killed.

Cynthia Tisdale

Art room teacher’s aide Cynthia Tisdale, a wife and mother of four, was among the dead, her brother-in-law, John Tisdale, wrote on Facebook.

Glenda Perkins

Victim Glenda Perkins had been a substitute teacher at Santa Fe High School for years and her grandchildren attend the school, reported The Houston Chronicle.

Perkins was a respected member of the high school community, remembered for her patience and great attitude, the newspaper said.

“She always had a smile on her face,” junior Jay Mann told the newspaper.

Shana Fisher

Shana Fisher was shy, sweet, quiet and talented, her mother, Sadie Rodriguez, told ABC station KTRK-TV in Houston.

She said the suspected gunman had been “making advances” toward her daughter.

“She kept telling him no over the past four months. She finally stood up to him because he kept getting more aggressive,” Fisher said. “And not even a week later he just shoots everyone. And she was the first one.

“It would have to take a lot for someone to keep picking at her for her to even say anything,” Fisher said. “‘Cause she’s just, when you introduce her to someone, she automatically puts her head down and smiles. I just don’t get it. I don’t understand why he would do that. Why would you take someone’s life?

“I keep expecting her to come home ’cause we can’t view the bodies,” the distraught mother said. “So I don’t think it’s her. Like it’s not real.”

Sabika Sheikh

Sabika Sheikh, 17, was an exchange student from Pakistan who was determined to bring her native country closer to America, the Texas family who took in the foreign exchange student told mourners at her funeral on Sunday.

“She was the most beautiful, loving person I’ve ever met,” said Jaelyn Cogburn, whose family took in Sabika six months ago as part of the Youth Exchange and Study program sponsored by the U.S. State Department.

“She was so loyal to her faith, her country and she only had good things to say about everybody. She loved her family. She couldn’t wait to see them, and she loved us,” Jaelyn added.

Jaelyn’s mother, Joleen Cogburn, recalled a conversation she had with Sabika when she first came to live in her home about what she wanted to accomplish as a foreign exchange student.

“I asked her how she got involved with wanting to become a foreign exchange student and why, and she said, ‘Because I want to learn the American culture and I want America to learn the Pakistan culture and I want us to come together and unite,'” Cogburn said. “She wanted to be a businesswoman and she said she wanted to impact the world, and I think she’s done that.”

Cogburn’s husband, Jason Cogburn, said that in the short time Sabika lived with them, she became as close as one of his daughters.

“We had no idea what God was going to send us, but he sent us one of the most precious gifts I’ve ever had in life,” Jason Cogburn said.

Angelique Ramirez

Angelique Ramirez was outgoing, precious, kind, beautiful and smart, according to a Facebook post from her older sister, Araceli Ramirez, who called Angelique “my other half.”

“I’ll never forget my best friend, the first baby I ever held in my arms,” Araceli Ramirez wrote. “My baby sister, the person who looked up to me for the longest time.”

“You deserved so much, you had so much planned for yourself and they took that away from you,” she wrote. “I’ll see you again my love.”

Christopher Jake Stone

Christopher Stone, 17, an adventurous thrill seeker, was the youngest of three siblings, but he acted as the protector of his older sisters, his father said, the New York Times reported.

“Being a brother was his best job,” his father, also named Christopher Stone, said, according to the newspaper. “He was always there if someone needed someone to listen or some cheering up.”

Jared Black

Jared Black was in art class — his favorite — when he was killed, The Washington Post reported.

He had recently turned 17 and his birthday party was supposed to take place on Saturday, the newspaper said.

Jared’s father is “broken and devastated,” family friend Elizabeth McGinnis wrote in a statement, according to the Post.

“We miss him so much,” his half-brother, Nick Black, said in a statement, according to the Post. “We wish we would see him at least one more time.”

Kimberly Vaughan

Slain student Kimberly Vaughan was described by a family friend as witty, intelligent and unique, The Houston Chronicle reported.

Kimberly was raised by her mother, Rhonda Hart, who works as a bus driver for her daughter’s school district, the newspaper said.

While Hart was waiting to learn her daughter’s fate, she still comforted other children, a family friend said, according to the newspaper. One mother wrote on Facebook that the “wonderful” bus driver “did everything she could” to make her daughter “feel safe while not knowing the status of her own child.”

Later that afternoon, Hart wrote on Facebook, “We need GUN CONTROL. WE NEED TO PROTECT OUR KIDS.”

Aaron Kyle McLeod

Christian Riley Garcia

Christian Riley Garcia, 15, who went by Riley, grew up …read more

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Baltimore-area officer gunned down responding to suspicious vehicle report: Governor

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iStock/Thinkstock(BALTIMORE) — A police officer in Baltimore County, Maryland, was shot and killed Monday afternoon after responding to a suspicious vehicle report, according to the state’s governor, Larry Hogan.

The suspected killer is still at large and police are searching for multiple suspects in the Baltimore suburb of Perry Hall, authorities said.

“We are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of a Baltimore County Police Officer after she was shot in the line of duty today,” Hogan said in a Twitter post. “Our prayers go out to this brave officer’s family.”

Cpl. Shawn Vincent, a spokesman for the Baltimore County Police Department, said he could not confirm the governor’s statement that the officer was shot. He would only say that the officer was critically injured when she confronted multiple suspects just before 2 p.m. in a residential area.

The officer was not immediately identified. She was rushed to Franklin Square Hospital in Baltimore, where she died at 2:50 p.m., officials said.

Vincent said the officer would have been a four-year veteran of the Baltimore County Police Department in July.

“She was just doing her job,” Vincent said.

Baltimore County Police Chief Terrence Sheridan and several of the officer’s colleagues were at the hospital providing support to the officer’s loved ones.

Vincent said the fatal confrontation happened at the end of a cul-de-sac on Linwen Way off Belair Road in a heavily residential area of Perry Hall.

He said the officer was responding to a report of a suspicious vehicle in the neighborhood. He also said police discovered damage to a rear patio door of a home in the area, indicating the officer may have interrupted a burglary in progress.

“There were multiple suspects. Right now we are actively searching for at least one armed suspect,” Vincent said during a news conference at Franklin Square Hospital about 4:30 p.m.

He said police were combing the neighborhood where the fatal encounter occurred and that three elementary schools were on “alert status” and residents in the area are being asked to shelter in place.

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Governor Abbott Set To Host Series Of Roundtable Events To Discuss School Safety

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By lauren.mccanse@gov.texas.gov Governor Greg Abbott today announced he will host a series of roundtable sessions, beginning tomorrow, to generate solutions that improve safety and security at Texas schools and in our communities. The roundtables will include voices from across Texas, including parents, teachers, students, legislators, and interest groups that advocate for and against further gun regulations. Additionally, the roundtables will include opinions from school administrators that allow the arming of teachers and those that do not, as well as experts on matters of school safety, mental health, law enforcement, bullying, and more. Victims, educators, and family members from Santa Fe, Sutherland Springs, Alpine and Italy, TX are also being invited to participate in a roundtable discussion later this week.

The first roundtable will be held on Tuesday, May 22, 2018 at the Texas Capitol, and will seek input from education and law enforcement leaders on how to improve security in Texas school districts, as well as strategies that benefit our communities. Participants will include administrators from school districts that participate in the School Marshal Program, as well as administrators from school districts that partner with local law enforcement, and more. Further details on tomorrow’s roundtable will be distributed immediately.

“I am seeking the best solutions to make our schools more secure and to keep our communities safe,” said Governor Abbott. “I look forward to hearing from all sides of the debate, and from expert perspectives on these issues. Working together, we can ensure a safe learning environment for students and safer communities for all Texans.”

Additional roundtables will be held on Wednesday, May 23 and Thursday, May 24 at the Texas Capitol. More details about those roundtables will be issued a day in advance.

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Lawyer for alleged Santa Fe gunman looking into reports that suspect was bullied

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ABCNews.com(SANTA FE, Texas) — The attorney for the teenage boy who allegedly opened fire at Santa Fe High School in Texas is looking into reports that the suspected gunman was bullied, he told ABC News.

Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17, was taken into custody after he allegedly burst into two art classrooms on Friday morning, killing 10 people and wounding 13 others.

Pagourtzis’ attorney, Nick Poehl, told ABC News on Monday that he hasn’t yet discussed bullying with his client, but Poehl said other students have indicated Pagourtzis was bullied by students and adults at Santa Fe High School.

“It’s something that we’re looking into,” Poehl said.

“This weekend Santa Fe ISD released a statement saying they had investigated the claims of bullying and found them to be not true,” Poehl said. “That was released less than 24 hours after the incident occurred. It’s not clear what the nature of that investigation was except that it is clear that they didn’t reach out to any of the kids that were on TV claiming that it occurred, so we have some questions about that investigation.”

Pagourtzis, who has been charged with capital murder, was allegedly armed with a shotgun and a .38-caliber revolver, both of which appear to be legally owned by his father.

“It does appear that the guns were kept in a locked gun cabinet or gun safe,” Poehl said, adding, “How he got access to them, we don’t know.”

For Pagourtzis’ parents, the massacre “is very, very difficult to comprehend at this point,” Poehl said.

“They’re as in-the-dark and kinda learning about it through the media the same way we are,” he said. “They love their son, they do not understand how this happened or how it could have happened, and they’re waiting for answers, too.”

Poehl, who described Pagourtzis as “confused and scared,” said the motive may be unclear for his client, as well.

“At this point, I’m not even prepared to say he knows why this happened,” Poehl said.

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