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Records fall as last day of heat wave bakes Midwest, East Coast

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ABC News(NEW YORK) — Ninety-four million people in parts of 23 states remain under excessive heat warnings and heat advisories on Sunday as one last day of scorching temperatures hits the Midwest and East Coast.

Sunday is the last day of oppressive heat, with many places in the Upper Midwest already feeling cooler Sunday morning after heat indices of 115 to 120 on Friday and Saturday. That seasonably cool air will make its way east this week.

JFK International Airport and Atlantic City, New Jersey, both set daily record highs at 99 degrees Saturday, but most records being set are for the warm overnight temperatures. New York City and Boston are just two of many cities that set or tied record-high minimum temperatures, with temperatures failing to drop below 80 degrees.

Heat indices far surpassed the triple-digit mark across the eastern U.S. on Saturday:

– Hartford, Connecticut: 110 degrees; actual high 95

– Washington, D.C.: 108 degrees; actual high 97

– Kansas City, Missouri: 109 degrees; actual high 98

– Baltimore: 107 degrees; actual high 100

– Boston: 107 degrees; actual high 97

– Chicago: 107 degrees; actual high 95

Heat index values continued to feel higher than 90 degrees overnight from Norfolk, Virginia, to Boston.

The excessive heat warnings remain in effect for Sunday, with heat indices reaching 110 degrees.

Actual temperatures will stay in the 90s for most of the East Coast — often in the upper reaches.

Boston has another chance of hitting 99 on Sunday — the hottest temperature since 2013.

Washington, D.C., could also hit 100 degrees for the first time since 2016.

The relief is finally making its way east, though.

It’s already significantly cooler across the Great Lakes and Midwest.

Chicago; Minneapolis; Des Moines, Iowa; and Detroit felt like 105 to 119 degrees. The high temperatures Sunday are in the 70s and low 80s.

Those temperatures will reach the East Coast early this week, and there will be a nice break from the heat and humidity with below-average temperatures.

More severe weather possible

Several rounds of severe storms across the Midwest and Great Lakes have knocked out power to hundreds of thousands and caused widespread damage. There were over 430,000 customers without power Sunday morning across Wisconsin and Michigan.

There were more than 240 storm reports just from Saturday, and more than 450 storm reports between Friday and Saturday.

Winds gusted 70 to 80 mph and brought down numerous tree limbs, and thousands of power lines from South Dakota to Minnesota, and in Wisconsin and Michigan.

The severe weather will be focused around Missouri and Kansas again on Sunday. The main threat again is damaging winds, along with hail and also an isolated tornado.

Storms will be scattered from Missouri to Pennsylvania, but have the potential to be severe at times with damaging winds.

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Bear attacks, bites wildlife resort employee in Pennsylvania

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WTAE-TV(FARMINGTON, Penn.) — An employee at a wildlife resort in Pennsylvania was attacked by a bear on Saturday.

The guide at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Farmington, Pennsylvania, about 60 miles south of Pittsburgh, was grabbed through a fence by a Himalayan bear, pulled toward it and bit on the arm, according to the resort.

The female employee was flown by helicopter to a local hospital, but is “stable and alert,” Nemacolin Woodlands Resort said.

“We deeply regret this incident,” Maggie Hardy Knox, president of Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, said in a statement. “Our thoughts are with our injured associate, our staff and guests as we focus on ensuring they receive the finest medical attention and counseling.”

The resort said it would provide counseling to guests and staff who witnessed the attack.

The bear has been at the wildlife reserve for nine years, it said.

The organization advertises one-hour tours where you can feed various livestock before viewing wolves, tigers, lions and buffalo. “Don’t forget the bear enclosure, where we hear the bears enjoy eating marshmallows,” the adventure advertises.

The bear has not been put down, the Pennsylvania Game Commission said.

There are two different types of Himalayan bears, both black and brown bears, but the resort did not specify which attacked the staff member. Both are large bears, standing over 5 feet tall and weighing in excess of 200 pounds.

The bears’ natural habitat is in the Himalayan Mountains, as their name suggests, from northern Afghanistan through Pakistan and into northern India, Nepal and western China.

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Police: Mother, boyfriend arrested after strangling newborn in hospital

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iStock(OXNARD, Calif.) — The mother of a newborn and her boyfriend have been arrested after the disturbing murder of the baby soon after she gave birth at a California hospital.

Andrea Torralba, 20, and David Villa, 21, both of Oxnard, California, about 60 miles northwest of Los Angeles, were taken into custody on Friday afternoon after police responded to St. John’s Medical Center.

After responding to the hospital, officers from the Oxnard Police Department “learned that a newborn infant was in critical condition with suspicious injuries,” according to the department.

Detectives from Oxnard police’s Family Protection Unit said their investigation led them to believe Torralba and Villa strangled the baby until he was unconscious just hours after she gave birth.

Hospital personnel immediately started lifesaving procedures, but the male child was pronounced dead.

Oxnard police Sgt. Brandon Ordelheide told Los Angeles ABC station KABC-TV the couple admitted under questioning that they did not want the child.

Both have been charged with assault on a child by means of force resulting in the child’s death, police said. The felony is punishable by a sentence of 25 years to life in prison.

Villa is being held at Ventura County’s Main Jail on $5 million bail. He is next scheduled to appear in Ventura County Superior Court on Tuesday.

Torralba is being held on $1 million bail, police said.

Authorities said an investigation into the death is still ongoing.

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50 Years Later: Astronaut Michael Collins on Apollo 11 mission

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via NASA(NEW YORK) —  Three men went to the moon, but only two walked on the lunar surface.

Astronaut Michael Collins, the man who manned the command module during the moonwalk, reflected on the historic Apollo 11 mission as it celebrates its 50th anniversary on Saturday, July 20.

“The thing that amazes me about Apollo 11 is everything worked as advertised,” Collins told ABC News’ Senior Transportation Correspondent David Kerley.

A vivid image of the moon is still in Collins’ mind to this day.

“My God that moon is immense and it’s so three-dimensional,” Collins said. “You have the sunlight illuminating the ring of the surface of the moon…but somehow beyond its size and its gloss it projects a feeling of fragility. It hit me that this is a fragile little tiny thing.”

Collins is referred to by some as the loneliest man in the universe. He circled the moon alone for more than a day without witnessing the actual landing. He could occasionally hear audio from fellow Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walking on the moon, but the signal would disappear when the command module went behind the moon. When the signal was down, he could not talk to the crew or be reached by mission control in Houston.

“I liked being in the command module by myself,” Collins said. “I had my own way of doing things, I had hot coffee. I took the center seat out and it was almost like being in a little church.”

Referring to himself as Armstrong and Aldrin’s “ride home,” he worried about a scenario where they would be stuck on the moon.

“They only had one little motor,” Collins said. “That was it. That motor had to work perfectly, if it didn’t and they were stuck on the moon I was going to come home and I would not have been a happy returnee. I’d be a marked man for the rest of my life.”

Even though he didn’t walk on the moon, Collins said that he did not feel left out.

“They were wonderful crew mates,” Collins said, “each in his own way. Buzz was from a technical background. Neil was not only a highly-experienced test pilot. He knew the whys and wherefores of the design of those spacecrafts. I felt very much an equal partner with them, I felt very much part of the trio.”

When it came time to say goodbye to the command module, Collins left a message inside: “the finest ship to come down the line. God bless her.”

He scribbled it first with a pencil, then came back and made it darker with a ballpoint pen.

“I didn’t really want to say goodbye to Columbia without saying ‘goodbye’,” Collins said. “And that was my way of saying goodbye and thank you. Columbia had been such a wonderful machine and taken care of us.”

For the next space venture Collins has his eyes set on Mars.

“I think in going to Mars we should go not primarily as Americans, but as human inhabitants of Earth,” Collins said.

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College student floats idea of 'Area 51' festival after joke invitation catches fire on Facebook

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Sean Gallup/Getty Images(NEW YORK) —  When a California college student created an event to meet aliens at Area 51, he had no idea he was setting the groundwork to entertain millions of earthlings.

Matty Roberts created the Facebook event “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us,” on June 27 as a joke, never imagining that it would blow up into a viral event with 1.8 million people registered as attend on Sept. 20 and another 1.3 million interested.

With the unexpected tidal wave of interest, Roberts is taking the event offline.

He’s now thinking seriously about hosting an actual event: an “out of this world” experience in the Nevada desert.

Area 51 is located in the highly-classified remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base, where conspiracy theorists believe UFO spacecraft are kept.

“I want to make it like a festival of sorts, a bunch of different music artists, everyone from the EDM world, maybe some indie rock, maybe some smaller guys who are up and coming,” Roberts, 20, of Bakersfield, California, told KERO-TV. “I’ve had a lot of people DM [direct message] the page and say they’re bands want to play there, which would be super cool.”

“People kind of want to know what’s in there,” Roberts said in an interview, for which he dressed as the anime character Naruto Uzumaki, who he referenced in the event posting. “I think a lot of people are going to show up because it’s kind of a meme.”

“If we naruto [sic] run, we can move faster than their bullets. Lets see them aliens,” Roberts wrote, referring to the Japanese anime “Naruto” title character’s distinct running style, in which he runs with his arms outstretched behind him.

Roberts said he met many people through the event’s page — including a few true zealots who told him, “I’m wiling to die for the government!”

“I figured the FBI would have shown up by now,” Roberts, who is studying petroleum engineering, said. “I don’t want anyone to get hurt. This came up as a pure struck of imagination it was meant to be funny.”

The event has already caught the interest of authorities.

On Thursday Air Force spokesperson Laura McAndrews told ABC News in a statement: “The United States Air Force is aware of the Facebook post. The Nevada Test and Training Range is an area where the Air Force tests and trains combat aircraft. As a matter of practice, we do not discuss specific security measures, but any attempt to illegally access military installations or military training areas is dangerous.”

If Storm Area 51 does succeed as a festival, it has already caught the interest of at least one potential partner — Budweiser.

“Screw it. Free Bud Light to any alien that makes it out,” Bud Light’s official Twitter account wrote.

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