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Lucy Hale joining Ryan Seacrest in NYC for 'Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve'; Ciara returns as Hollywood host

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ABC/Jeff Niera(NEW YORK) —  This year, actress Lucy Hale will be joining Ryan Seacrest as co-host of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2020.

Pretty Little Liars veteran Hale, who hosted the New Orleans portion of the program last year, replaces Jenny McCarthy in the NYC co-host seat.

Meanwhile, award-winning actor and singer Billy Porter will bring his unique style as the host of the Big Easy’s big night.

And to keep the party going on the West Coast, multi-platinum artist Ciara will return to host the Hollywood party for her third time. 

“As we ring in a new decade and my 15th year hosting the show, I’m so excited to welcome the talented Lucy Hale to the stage with me,” said Seacrest in a statement.  “It’s going to be a powerhouse year with Billy and Ciara and we can’t wait to celebrate with everyone!”

Those celebrations, some five and a half hours of celebrities and musical performances — capped, of course, with the famed descent of the ball in Times Square — begin at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time on ABC on Tuesday, December 31.

The upcoming broadcast marks the 48th anniversary of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

Musical performers will be announced soon.

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With 'Star Wars' ending, Daisy Ridley is ready to sing for her supper

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Lucasfilm(NEW YORK) — While Star Wars fans anxiously await Rey’s fate in the epic finale of the Skywalker saga, actress Daisy Ridley said she was even stunned by what made the final cut.

“I was very surprised when J.J. [Abrams] showed me the trailer before they released it,” she told Good Morning America about the scene where she is wielding a red lightsaber, the weapon used by those dedicated to the dark side of the Force. “I could not believe that it was in there. It was so exciting.”

But when asked point blank if her character goes to the dark side, Ridley said, “She is a character who is struggling with two pulls to the light and dark…But where she ends up, you’ll have to wait and see.”

Details of the final film have been held extremely close to the vest, but after Abrams told GMA that a copy of the script wound up on eBay, fans questioned who in the cast was the culprit.

“Apparently people assume it was me,” Ridley said. “I’m not going to throw the person under the bus, but there is someone — potentially coming up on the show this week.”

For the record, that seems to finger John Boyega.

After looking back on her journey with this monumental movie franchise, Ridley said, “It’s gone so quickly, sort of in the grand scheme of things, and it’s now the end.”

As for what’s next? “I would love to do a musical,” said the actress, who once duetted with Barbra Streisand. If I keep saying it hopefully someone will give me a part in a musical.”

She added, “Singing in front of people is terrifying — but I’m ready for that.”

The final chapter, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, hits theaters nationwide on Dec. 20 from Disney, the parent company of ABC News.

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'The Voice' recap: The top 11 artists perform

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Trae Patton/NBC(NEW YORK) — The Voice live rounds continued on Monday with the top 11 artists competing for America’s votes, performing songs the fans chose for each of them to sing.   Along the way, they were advised by their coaches Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend.

Here are the highlights of Monday night’s show:

Katie Kadan, from Team Legend kicked things off.  Her “Kananators” wanted to hear a tender moment from the powerhouse Chicago native and chose Harry Nilsson’s “Without You” for her performance.  Kadan’s rendition brought all four coaches to their feet, including her coach, who praised her for delivering a classic ballad with “such nuance, such grace, such poise, such control when it called for it,” then “give us the powerful spiritual anointed notes.”  “I pity anyone that has to sing after you today,” he added.

Team Kelly’s Shane Q heard from his fans, who begged the pop, country and soul artist for “Mercy,” by Shawn Mendes.  They were most likely inspired by a video of Shane performing the song in a coffee shop that Kelly was urged to share with the audience.  Legend noticed a confidence in the performance he hadn’t seen thus far.  Kelly agreed, declaring the “soul…passion” and “fire” she knew he had finally arrived.

Joana Martinez, representing Team Gwen was tasked with singing Selena’s beautiful ballad, “Dreaming of You.”  The 16-year-old got a boost from Gloria Estefan, whose song “Get on Your Feet,” she performed last week.  Gloria reached out to Joana on social media, and in a Facetime chat, where she told the teen she, “kicked butt” on the song.  Afterwards, Gwen called the performance “flawless.”

Another artist from Team Gwen, Myracle Holloway, was asked to sing R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts.”  Gwen was excited to see what the soulful singer could do with the alternative song.  In a touching moment, Myracle, who personally experienced emotional trauma and abuse, heard from other victims who were inspired by her.  Gwen praised Holloway for “seizing the moment.”

Team Legend’s Marybeth Byrd has been feeling the love from her “byrdwatchers” back home in Arkansas, who requested Grace Potter & the Nocturnals’ “Stars.”  Legend’s advice for the 18-year-old was to add some of her vocal fills to the song.  Kelly thought Byrd “soared on the song.”  Legend dubbed it one of her best performances yet.

Even if Team Blake’s Ricky Duran doesn’t win the competition, he’ll at least walk away with new guitar, gifted to him and his teammates by Blake.  Ricky’s fans wanted to see how Duran handled Rod Stewart’s “Downtown Train,” and he didn’t disappoint.  Legend was impressed with Ricky’s “level of polish,” declaring he should be “up here coaching.”  Shelton heaped even more praise on the 29-year-old Austin, Texas native, noting that “people in the business were reaching out to him” about Ricky.  “It’s taken you a minute to finally get a chance to have your moment.” added Blake.  “Brother, you’re having it right now.

The Voice returns Tuesday night at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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Daisy Ridley delivers a Rap Recap of All Eight Star Wars Movies on 'The Tonight Show'

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Lucasfilm(NEW YORK) — J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters on December 20, and to make sure we’re all up to speed, Daisy Ridley used her appearance on Monday’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to give us a Rap Recap of All Eight Star Wars Movies.

“Said a long time ago in a galaxy far far away/a guy named Vader tried to kidnap a Rebel Princess Leia/So she employed a droid to record her a quick note/she said ‘Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.’ Go!” Ridley rapped, as Fallon flipped through a series of cards with illustrations of each character as she named them.

I’m trying to think…Who’d I forget? “What’s his name?” Ridley, who plays Rey in the most recent trilogy of Star Wars films, rapped at one point, appearing to get stuck momentarily. “Meesa called Jar Jar Binks!” Tonight Show announcer Steve Higgins finally said, in the character’s voice.


Ridley finally gets to her character — “a scrapper named Rey,” adding, “You can’t stop me, I’m a Jedi from Jakku/Fight the Dark Side from Tatooine to Naboo/Let go of everything that you fear to lose/Be the spark the lights the fire and May The Force Be With You.”

This isn’t the first time the 27-year-old British actress has shown off her unique skills on The Tonight Show. Back in June she rapped Lil’ Kim’s “Lady Marmalade” from memory.

Star Wars is owned by Disney, the parent company of ABC News. 

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First look at the shocking and dramatic next season of 'The Bachelor'

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ABC/Maarten de Boer(NEW YORK) — Bachelor Nation fans finally enjoyed an exclusive and juicy preview of The Bachelor‘s upcoming season during the Dancing with the Stars finale.  The next season, which features pilot Peter Weber, will also include a healthy dose of shocks, drama, and sizzling romance.

The first look teaser features Weber flying onto the tarmac to greet the new group of women competing for his heart.  Right off the bat, one competitor swoons, “[Peter’s] looking so freaking delicious, like, I just wanna lick him up and down.”

After previewing a montage of the new Bachelor locking lips with different contestants, who all gush about his dreamy good looks and chiseled abs, the drama kicks in when one mystery contestant threatens to leave because she seemingly wants Weber all to herself.

When Peter admits he has been “intimate” with some of the other girls, the mystery woman storms down a street of parked cars while crying “I’m so done.”

After showing various contestants shedding tears of their own, the trailer drops a shocking revelation: Peter’s past flame is back.  Bachelorette Hannah Brown unexpectedly shows up, to the ire and dismay of the rest of the women.

“I’m making decisions for my heart because I know there’s something there,” Brown reveals while sitting next to Peter on the couch as the jealous contestants spy on them. “And I would do anything for it.  For our relationship.”

The trailer ends with Peter asking her to to come back and be a part of the show, perhaps to see if she is the one for him after all.  Will she stay and win the final rose?  Only time will tell.

The Bachelor returns to ABC January 6 at 8 p.m. EST.

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