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Jake Worthington

TTRMS Returns with Jake Worthington, Wednesday, February 1st!

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The Texas Thunder Radio Music Showcase is a seasonal radio show, produced by Texas Thunder Radio, and hosted by Egon Barthels, from TKO’s Bar-Grill-Music in the Historic William Green Building at the corner of Avenue E (US90A) and 7th in Shiner, Texas. There is NO CHARGE and ALL AGES are welcome. Monetary tips to performing artist are welcomed and encouraged. With respect for artists on the TTRMS Radio Show, we kindly ask those in attendance to keep conversation noise down, during the show, which is from 8-9pm.

Texas Thunder Radio Music Showcase LIVE radio show airs Wednesdays at 8pm|CT on Texas Thunder Radio at 94.3 and 99.9FM , TexasThunderRadio.com, and Texas Thunder Radio on the TuneIn Radio App! Thank you for your support of Live Music!

Jake Worthington
Jake Worthington

February 1st – 8:00pm

Connect: @JDW_Music

Born March 1, 1996 and raised in La Porte, Texas, country singer Jake Worthington had a true country kid childhood, developing a love of fishing, mudding, and four-wheeling, and of course, sports, which in turn led him to music after he broke his back playing football. While laid up from the injury, Worthington discovered his passion for music, particularly for traditional and neo-traditional country, and blessed with the perfect, tuneful Texas drawl of a singing voice, he set about building a professional career. After not making it out of the blind audition for season five of the reality talent show The Voice in 2013, Worthington returned to audition for season six in 2014, this time making the cut, ending up on Blake Shelton‘s team and placing second by the show’s finale, slipping in traditional country songs by Keith Whitley, George Strait, Waylon Jennings, and others along the way. Earning a fervent fan base through his exposure on The Voice, he returned home to Texas, still only 18 years old, to officially graduate from high school. A debut digital download single, “Heaven,” was released in May of 2014. In the coming year, Worthington signed on with W3 Entertainment and, in late 2015, issued his self-titled debut EP, which continued to play to his old-school traditional country image. Success from the TV show has led to a Social Media presence that reaches nearly 250,000 total people across the world; resulting in numerous YouTube videos with over 1 Million views each.

TTRMS Debut Performance: 2017

Top Songs: “How Do You Honkytonk” “Just Keep Falling In Love” “A Lot Of Room To Talk”



Moderate to Very High Fire Danger Today Across All of South Central Texas.

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…Red Flag Warning in Effect from 11 AM to 4 PM Today for Parts of the Rio Grande Plains…

Area of Concern:

Red Flag Warning: South and west of a line from Del Rio to Hondo to Dilley
Elevated to Near Critical Fire Weather Concerns: The rest of South Central Texas
Threats & Impacts:

Wind: Northwest wind 10-20 mph with gusts to 25 mph developing by late morning before becoming more northerly in the afternoon with winds weakening by late afternoon.

Humidity: Minimum relative humidity values 15-20% along and west of Highway 281 and 20-30% east of Highway 281.

Impacts: Fires that develop in cured grasses will likely spread rapidly with substantial resistance to wildland fire control efforts possible, particularly in the Rio Grande Plains. Outdoor burning is not recommended.

Timing and Overview:

Low relative humidity values and gusty north to northwest winds behind a dry cold front will produce locally critical fire weather conditions across parts of the Rio Grande Plains south and west of a Del Rio to Hondo to Dilley line with elevated to near critical fire weather conditions for the rest of South Central Texas. These conditions will combine with rapidly decreasing fuel moisture values after a week of highs ranging from the mid 70s to lower 90s each day to lead to a high to very high forecast fire danger by TFS over the Rio Grande Plains with moderate to high forecast fire danger over the rest of South Central Texas. Rapid fire growth and spread will likely occur in cured fuels that ignite (e.g., dry grasses). Relative humidity values will fall below 20 percent by late morning with northwest 10-20 mph winds gusting to 25 mph over the Rio Grande Plains. These relative humidity values will remain below 20 percent until sunset, but winds should decrease enough to help decrease fire spread concerns by 4 pm this afternoon.

Forecast Relative Humidity and Fire Danger: High

Forecast Wind Speeds: Moderate


Additional Information Resources:
NWS Austin / San Antonio Webpage: http://www.weather.gov/sanantonio
NWS Austin / San Antonio Fire Weather Webpage: http://www.srh.noaa.gov/ewx/?n=firewx.htm
Texas Forest Service Predictive Services: http://ticc.tamu.edu/PredictiveServices/FuelsFireDanger.htm

Larry Hopper and Constantine Pashos
NWS Austin / San Antonio


De Witt County Burn Ban In Effect

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De Witt County Officials have placed a burn ban for all of De Witt County, beginning at 12:01 a.m. January 24th. and will remain in effect for 90 days or until further notice.


Burning will be allowed in screen covered containers and BBQ grills, as long as the openings are no larger than a half an inch.



2017 Hallettsville Junior Livestock Show Results

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Broilers 🐔-

Grand Champion –
Aaron Klesel

Reserve Champion –
Alexandra Tullos

3rd – Carter Blaha
4th – Alexandra Tullos
5th – Connor Blaha
6th – Aaron Klesel
7th – Coy Klimitchek
8th – Kaylee Světlík
9th – Justin Klesel
10th – Justin Klesel
11th – Carl Wyatt
12th – Kaylee Světlík
13th – Sarah Pearson
14th – Garrett Ridgeway
15th – Ronald Ridgeway

Market Lambs 🐑-

Grand Champion –
Wyatt Leopold

Reserve Champion –
Emily Migl

Class 1 –

1st – Brandt Trilicek
2nd – Kelsey Bohuslav
3rd – Hannah Middleton
4th – Mary Curlee
5th – Callie Janak

Class 2 –

1st – Emily Migl
2nd – Cassidy Janak
3rd – Lane Leopold
4th – Rhett Trlicek

Class 3 –

1st – Lauren Migl
2nd – Cole Bohuslav
3rd – Dylan Fishbeck
4th – Kylee Tullos
5th – Satori Davis

Class 4 –

1st – Wyatt Leopold
2nd – Rylee Trlicek
3rd – Cole Bohuslav

Market Goats 🐐-

Grand Champion –
Kelsey Bohuslav

Reserve Champion –
Liberty Ward

Champion Showmanship –
Kelsey Bohuslav

Reserve Showmanship –
Savannah Mullen

Class 1 –

1st – Samuel Hermes
2nd – Derek Rees
3rd – Kaitlyn Ward
4th – Lilly Machicek
5th – Dustin Rees

Class 2 –

1st – Julie Michalcik
2nd – Lilly Machicek
3rd – Lanie Haas
4th – Kenzie Fowlkes
5th – Rebekah Hlavac
6th – Jordan Hardy

Class 3 –

1st – Liberty Ward
2nd – Sarabeth Green
3rd – Dara DeBord
4th – Dawson DeBord

Class 4 –

1st – Kelsey Bohuslav
2nd – Savannah Mullen
3rd – Karis Dvorak
4th – Jake Mullen

Breeding Heifers 🐮-

Grand Champion –
Brendon Henke

Reserve Champion –
Nathan Henke

Class 1 –

1st – Nathan Henke
2nd – Samantha Henke

Class 2 –

1st – Brendon Henke
2nd – Zachary Henke

Breeding Gilt 🐷 –

Grand Champion –
Taylor Mitchon

Reserve Champion –
Hayleigh Orsak

Class 1 –

1st – Rylan Schindler
2nd – Kaylie Olivarez
3rd – Kyleigh Orsak
4th – Rynna Orsak
Class 2 –

1st – Haylee Orsak
2nd – Shelby Berckenhoff
3rd – Mclane Kolacny
4th – Dylan Orsak
5th – Shelby Berckenhoff
Class 3 –

1st – Taylor Mitchon
2nd – Shelby Berckenhoff
3rd – Hunter Mitchon
4th – Kaylie Olivarez
5th – Kaylie Olivarez
Market Swine 🐷-

Grand Champion –
Nolan Orsak

Reserve Champion –
Cullen Mikes

Grand Showmanship –
Kaylie Olivarez

Reserve Showmanship –
Shelby Berkenhoff

3rd Place Showmanship –
Rylan Schindler

Class 1 –

1st – Bret Etzler
2nd – Holden Jacobs
3rd – Jensen Schindler
4th – Faith Monk
5th – Elise Lackey
6th – Miranda Shimek
7th – Kelly Janak
8th – Bailee Wagner
9th – Tradyn Williams
10th – Kyleigh Orsak
11th – Kacie Bush
12th – Kannen Smith

Class 2 –

1st – Taylor Mitchon
2nd – Brooke Shimek
3rd – Blake Sitka
4th – Clay Rother
5th – Allison Etzler
6th – Austin Cook
7th – Holden Jacobs
8th – Jaden Leopold
9th – Hannah Bludau
10th – Tanner Wagner
11th – Faith Monk

Class 3 –

1st – Nolan Orsak
2nd – Kingsley Kahanek
3rd – Savana Koerth
4th – Blake Rother
5th – Shelby Berckenhoff
6th – Sydney Janda
7th – Alyson Pérez
8th – Emily Barrera
9th – Kelly Janak
10th – Kyleigh Orsak
11th – Konnor Kopecky
12th – Emily Barrera

Class 4 –

1st – Nolan Orsak
2nd – Bret Etzler
3rd – Blake Sitka
4th – Corrina Lackey
5th – Rylan Schindler
6th – Hunter Mitchon
7th – Rylyn Orsak
8th – Ryman Orsak
9th – Tanner Wagner
10th – Arianna Resendiz
11th – Bailee Wagner
12th – Johanna Smith

Class 5 –

1st – Kaylie Olivarez
2nd – Sarah Bludau
3rd – Tradyn Williams
4th – Jensen Schindler
5th – Chase Janak
6th – Corrina Lackey
7th – Rylan Marak
8th – Blake Rother
9th – Savana Koerth
10th – Mclane Kolacny

Class 6 –

1st – Jaden Leopold
2nd – Adyson Pérez
3rd – Taylor Mitchon
4th – Cullen Mikes
5th – Riggin Baker
6th – Shelby Berckenhoff
7th – Lilly Barrera
8th – Wade Shimek
9th – Courtney Woytek
10th – Saira Barrera

Class 7 –

1st – Kaylie Olivarez
2nd – Abby Hermes
3rd – Rylan Schindler
4th – Mclane Kolacny
5th – Savannah Baker
6th – Ava Grace Lackey
7th – Hayden Grahmann
8th – Kingsley Kahanek
9th – Kolton Kopecky
10th – Hayleigh Orsak

Class 8 –

1st – Cullen Mikes
2nd – Rylan Marak
3rd – Chase Janak
4th – Randall Woytek
5th – Hunter Mitchon
6th – Allison Etzler
7th – Clay Rother
8th – Randall Woytek
9th – Luke Bludau
10th – Wade Shimek

Market Steers 🐮-

Grand Champion –
Cole Mullen

Reserve Champion –
Lane Leopold

Champion Showmanship-
Hailey Steffek

Reserve Showmanship –
Adam Steffek

3rd –
Nolan Steffek
Class 1 –

1st – Shayne Woytek
2nd – Nolan Steffek
3rd – Adam Steffek
4th – Wyatt Leopold
5th – Kyle Světlík

Class 2 –

1st – Cole Mullins
2nd – Hailey Steffek
3rd – Cole Grahmann
4th – Brandy Moses
5th – Kraegan Matula

Class 3 –

1st – Lane Leopold
2nd – Madison Hajek
3rd – Wesley Tullos

2017 Hallettsville Junior Livestock Show Market Sale will be held on Monday, January 23rd at 7:00PM at the Lavaca Expo Center.

Commercial Heifer judging will take place Monday, January 23rd at 7am at the Lavaca Expo Center. Commercial Heifer Sale will be held on Tuesday, January 24th approximately 11:00am at the Hallettsville Livestock Commission Company.


2017 Yoakum FFA 4-H Stock Show Results

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(Pictured: Eric Taylor, Calhoun County 4H Agent, judging the 2017 Yoakum Livestock Show, meat goat division. Photo courtesy of Dewitt County Agent, Anthony Netardus.)

Yoakum FFA 4-H Stock Show Results:

Market Steers 🐮 –

Grand Champion –
Kaci Herman

Reserve Champion –
Kailee Knezek

Showmanship –
Kaci Herman

3rd – Nicholas Gomez

Rabbits 🐰-

Grand Champion –
Lisa Sidenberger

Reserve Champion –
Rachel Powell

3rd – Gage Dicke
4th – Brenna Blakeny
5th – Emilie Brandes
6th – Trey Fishbeck
7th – Brennon Green
8th – Ashley Dicke
9th – Heather Green
10th – Julia Fojt
11th – Cody Thamm
12th – Macie Blakeney
13th – Brittney Farek
14th – Olivia Fojt
15th – Brooke Prasek
16th – Sidney Days

Market Swine 🐷 –

Grand Champion –
Keri Prasek

Reserve Champion –
Kaeden Grahmann

Senior Showmanship –
Morgan Vinklarek

Junior Showmanship –
Kylah Fishbeck

Class 1 –

1st – Ella Bastian
2nd – Kyla Fishbeck
3rd – Kaci Idlett
4th – Karli Idlett
5th – Benjamin Schultz

Class 2 –

1st – Keri Prasek
2nd – Kylie Grahmann
3rd – Carson Fishbeck
4th – Sheela Webb
5th – Brandon Hairell

Class 3 –

1st – Kaedon Grahmann
2nd – Jayla Morris
3rd – Morgan Vinklarek
4th – Hannah Schultz
5th – Bridget Frazer

Breeding Gilts –
(July Born Pigs)

Grand Champion –
Jayla Morris

Reserve Champion –
Cayson Fishbeck

3rd Place Overall –
Brandon Hairell

August Born Pigs –

1st – Morgan Vinklarek

Broilers 🐔 –

Grand Champion –
Lauren Caka

Reserve Champion –
Brenna Bland

Showmanship –
Lauren Caka

3rd Place –
Gabriel Rodriguez

Market Goats 🐐 –

Grand Champion –
Jayla Morris

Reserve Champion –
Dustin Bennett

Senior Showmanship –
Cayson Taylor

Junior Showmanship –
Abigail Broughton

Class 1 –

1st – Seth Hanzelka
2nd – Wyatt Hanzelka
3rd – Cheyenne Hardin
4th – Bradley Shimek
5th – Dylan Shimek

Class 2 –

1st – Dustin Bennett
2nd – Kylie Quinney
3rd – Braden Hanzelka
4th – Clayton Shimek
5th – Jovanie Cruces

Class 3 –

1st – Jayla Morris
2nd – Cayson Taylor
3rd – Cody Bennett
4th – Abigail Broughton
5th – Ayden Shimek

Breeding Goats 🐐-

Grand Champion –
Jayla Morris

Reserve Champion –
Neally Basquez

Ag Mechanics –

Grand Champion –
Dustin Bennett (Square Firepit)

Reserve Champion –
Sheela Webb (Horseshoe Firepit)

3rd – Coy Hardin (Horseshoe Cross)

4th – Weston Bergey (Trailer)
Please come out and support the Yoakum FFA and 4-H. Concession Stand operated by Bear Creek 4-H Club, will be open today and this evening. The awards ceremony will be held at 6:00pm, followed by the Premium Sale this evening at 7:00PM at the Yoakum Rodeo Arena.

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