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Marvel movie star Paul Bettany on "Avengers: Infinity War" breaking the billion-dollar record -- and that ending

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By Stephen Iervolino

Marvel Studios(LOS ANGELES) — Paul Bettany has been part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe from its inception, at first providing the voice for Tony Stark’s faithful A.I. assistant JARVIS in 2008’s Iron Man, before stepping in front of the the camera as Vision in 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Iron Man kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which quickly grew into a record-smashing, blockbuster-generating machine. “[You] feel like, ‘Of course it’s breaking records,” Bettany tells ABC News, “But at the time, success was by no means a certainty when it all began.”

The MCUs latest entry, Avengers: Infinity War, reached the billion-dollar mark in under two weeks.

“[I]t’s amazing. They made a billion dollars in 11 days!…And in April!” says Bettany. “I mean, you don’t get lucky that many times.”

Bettany attributes the MCU’s enduring success to Marvel Studios’ love for the characters.

“They really understand that…unless [the movies]…have an emotional heart to them, they don’t hold together.”

Bettany uses as an example a key scene in Infinity War between him and Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Vision’s love interest, Scarlet Witch. Using her powers, she valiantly defends him from two of Thanos’ enforcers. “It’s a love story…about sacrifice, and protection, and bravery…told out through a fight,” Bettany declares.

As for the fate of Vision and many other characters whose futures are, let’s say, in flux after Infinity War‘s climax, Bettany says coyly, “I happen to know what’s going to happen to me, and…what I can tell fans is that ‘Snitches end up with stitches in ditches.’ And I, I’ve done very well keep my mouth shut for the last 10 years and, I’m going to continue to keep my mouth shut!”

Marvel Studios is owned by ABC News’ parent company, Disney.

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Emotional testimony kicks off Texas kidnapping trial

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By Michael Dobuski

Christopher Brann(HOUSTON) — A Houston man whose ex-wife allegedly absconded to Brazil with the couple’s child broke down in tears on the witness stand on Tuesday in the federal kidnapping trial of the woman’s parents.

“Chris, they are going to run with the child,” the boy’s father, Christopher Brann, quoted his attorney as telling him in August, 2013,” choking back tears. “He’s not coming back.”

Brann – the first witness in an emotionally-charged federal kidnapping trial in Texas testified that he “begged via email and text messages” for his wife and her parents to bring his son back, to no avail.

Brann and Marcelle Guimaraes, a dual Brazilian-American citizen, were married in February 2008 in Texas. She gave birth to their son, Nicolas Brann, in September 2009. By 2012, she had filed for divorce.

In May 2013, the estranged couple agreed that she and Nicolas would travel to Brazil to attend her brother’s wedding on July 6, according to a court documents. Guimaraes was to take Nicolas to Brazil on July 2 and return no later than July 20, 2013, according to a criminal complaint.

On July 27, 2013, Brann was informed that Marcelle Guimaraes was “too sick to travel and undergoing tests,” according to court records.

Two days later Brann alleges he received an email from Carlos Guimaraes, stating that the boy would be returning to the US on Aug. 4, 2013.

But when that date arrived, Marcelle Guimaraes’ lawyer alerted Brann’s attorney “that Carlos Guimaraes had communicated to him that Marcelle and Nicolas would establish permanent residence in Brazil.

Guimaraes remains in Brazil with the child, but her parents, Carlos and Jemima Guimaraes, were apprehended by federal agents in February at Miami’s airport after their flight landed from Brazil.

They were charged with conspiracy and international parental kidnapping and both have pleaded not guilty. Their daughter was also indicted on the same charges.

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USS Fitzgerald Officer pleads guilty to role in deadly collision

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By Michael Dobuski

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK CITY) — A junior Navy officer pleaded guilty on Tuesday to her role in last year’s deadly collision involving the destroyer USS Fitzgerald off the coast of Japan that killed seven sailors.

Lt. j.g. Sarah Coppock’s guilty plea came on the first day of Navy court proceedings for four of the destroyer’s officers, including the ship’s commanding officer.

About 1:30 a.m. on June 17, 2017, the USS Fitzgerald collided with the container ship MCX Crystal as both ships transited through the busy shipping lanes outside of Tokyo Bay.

At the time of the collision, Coppock was serving as the Officer of the Deck, the officer overseeing the bridge team that was steering the ship.

At Tuesday’s hearing, Coppock entered a guilty plea to a charge of “dereliction in the performance of duties through neglect contributing to the deaths” of the seven sailors. Coppock acknowledged that, in violation of the commanding officer’s standing orders and navigation rules, she had failed to communicate with the ship’s Combat Information Center, did not report ship contacts with the commanding officer and did not alert the ship’s crew of an imminent collision.

During questioning from Capt. Charles Purnell, the presiding judge at Tuesday’s special court-martial, Coppock admitted that in violation of Cmdr. Bryce Benson’s order, she had not contacted him whenever a ship sailed within 6,000 yards of the destroyer. That happened 13 times during her four-hour watch the night of the collision, with some ships coming as close as 650 yards of the destroyer.

Coppock acknowledged she had “low confidence” in some of the sailors standing watch in the ship’s Combat Information Center (CIC), one reason why she never checked with the sailors manning the sophisticated radars in the CIC who could have also checked the distances of passing commercial ships.

In sentencing arguments Lt. Cmdr. Paul Hochmuth noted that Coppock was not solely to blame for the collision and has taken responsibility for her actions. But he cited her “loss of complete situational awareness” of the destroyer’s passage through the busy shipping lane. “She chose to be blind and never asked for help from the CIC,” said Hochmuth.

Coppock’s attorney, Lt. Ryan Mooney, noted that she had not shied away from her role in the collision, but pointed to staffing shortfalls aboard the Fitzgerald and a lack of training among officers as indicators of broader issues aboard the ship and the U.S.-based fleet in Japan.

Under the guilty plea agreement, Coppock was sentenced to receive a letter of reprimand and three months of half-pay. But because she had earlier received a similar non-judicial punishment, the new sentence only added an additional month of half-pay for the junior officer.

The Navy’s comprehensive investigation into the collision found that it was avoidable and was the result of a series of basic failures by the ship’s crew and officers.

After the investigation, the Navy filed criminal charges against four of the ship’s officers, including Benson. Preliminary court hearings for two junior officers will be held at the Washington Navy Yard on Wednesday, Benson’s court hearing is slated for May 21.

The seven sailors killed in the collision were Gunner’s Mate Seaman Dakota Kyle Rigsby, 19, from Palmyra, Va.;Yeoman 3rd Class Shingo Alexander Douglass, 25, from San Diego, Calif.; Sonar Technician 3rd Class Ngoc T Truong Huynh, 25, from Oakville, Conn.; Gunner’s Mate 2nd Class Noe Hernandez, 26, from Weslaco, Texas; Fire Controlman 2nd Class Carlosvictor Ganzon Sibayan, 23, from Chula Vista, Calif.; Personnel Specialist 1st Class Xavier Alec Martin, 24, from Halethorpe, Md. and Fire Controlman 1st Class Gary Leo Rehm Jr., 37, from Elyria, Ohio.

As part of the sentencing hearing that followed Coppock’s guilty plea family members of some of the fallen sailors gave emotional statements about the emotional trauma they have lived through since the sudden loss of their loved ones.

“I am perpetually sad and I cry all the time,” said Terri Rigsby, Dakota Rigsby’s stepmother. “This collision should have never occurred.”

“I blame the Navy for the loss of my son,” she said reading from a statement written by her husband Lloyd who also wrote he could not forgive the Navy for his son’s death.

Xavier Alec Martin’s father Darrold Martin told the court: “It’s not right for a parent to bury a child.”

Speaking through tears, Dora Hernandez, described how her three-year-old son will not have personal memories of his father, Noe Hernandez.

In emotional testimony of her own, Coppock expressed her remorse to the family members in the courtroom and said: “All I can do now is take responsibility.”

As a memorial to those that perished in the collision, Coppock has a tattoo on her left wrist that includes the latitude and longitude of the location of the collision, as well as seven green clovers representing the seven fallen sailors and the ship’s motto “Protect Your People”.

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Michigan investigators searching for remains of up to 6 girls after cold case reopened

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By Michael Dobuski

WABC(DETROIT) — Police in Michigan are searching for the remains of up to six girls after a cold case dating back to the 1970s was reopened.

Investigators on Tuesday executed a search warrant from the Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office to look for the remains of 12-year-old Kimberly King, who went missing in 1979, in a wooded area near Macomb Township, Warren City Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer told ABC News.

Police believe the remains of four to six girls who were likely sexually assaulted could be buried in the area they are searching, Dwyer said.

Included in that total is a female who went missing from the Oakland Mall in Novi, Michigan, and another who disappeared from Canton, Michigan, according to the police commissioner, who did not disclose their identities or the dates they went missing.

Police believe the man responsible for the deaths is Arthur Ream, who is already serving time for the murder of Cindy Zarzycki, Dwyer said.

Zarzycki went missing in 1986 and her body was later found in 2008 in the same area investigators are looking at today, Dwyer said. She had been dating Ream’s son at the time of her disappearance and was allegedly lured to a Dairy Queen after Ream told her that he was planning a surprise party for his son, The Associated Press reported.

The site where Zarzycki was found was not completely searched in 2008, Dwyer said.

Dwyer said that based on the investigation, he is confident that more bodies will be found, although it may take days.

On Tuesday, trees in the wooded area were cleared and 20 people with backhoes are meticulously combing the area, Dwyer said.

Ream had led investigators to the area in 2008, the AP reported. He has not confessed to any additional murders, Dwyer said.

Ream, 68, is serving life in prison for a first-degree murder conviction, according to the AP. At the time of the conviction, he was already serving time for a 1996 criminal sexual misconduct case, the AP reported.

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Volcanic activity paused in Hawaii but 'hazardous fumes' continue

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By Michael Dobuski

iStock/Thinkstock(HONOLULU) — Volcanic eruptions have “paused” at all 12 fissure sites on the Big Island of Hawaii, but hazardous fumes continue to be released in some neighborhoods, authorities said Tuesday.

The Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency announced on its Facebook page today that the pause in volcanic activity, which was first recorded Monday night, had continued into this morning.

Residents in the Leilani Estates, a neighborhood close to the volcano, will now be allowed back in to check on their property during daylight hours “conditions permitting,” the agency said. But even so, those residents must “be prepared to evacuate at a moment’s notice,” authorities said.

The agency also stressed that only those with a real need to enter the area should do so.

“The residents of Leilani Estates are going through a very difficult time. This is not the time for sightseeing. You can help tremendously by staying out of the area,” the statement read.

Some residents in nearby Lanipuna Gardens have been banned from re-entry at this time, however, because of “dangerous volcanic gases,” the agency said.

Some 1,800 residents have been evacuated from the two neighborhoods where cracks have opened.

All told, 35 structures were destroyed following Thursday’s eruption. Activity from the volcano had also opened new vents or fissures on Sunday, bringing the total number to at least 12 by Monday, according to the Civil Defense Agency.

The agency said Monday many of the vents that had caused so much destruction over the weekend had calmed down. Additionally, no injuries have been reported.

Today’s statement also issued a warning against vandalism and looting, noting that local authorities have “established a policy of zero tolerance” against any such activity and such acts “will be treated as a felony.”

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