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Strong to severe thunderstorms will be possible across Southeast Texas on Friday afternoon through Saturday morning.

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A strong upper level storm system will result in thunderstorms developing across parts of the region on Friday afternoon through Saturday morning. Damaging wind, large hail, and a tornado or two all appear possible during this time. Because of the fast speed with which storms are forecast to be moving, the urban flash flood potential at this time is low.

Development during the day Friday will depend on how warm the air several thousand feet above the ground is on Friday. The warmer the air, the less favorable the environment will be for thunderstorms to develop. As a result, there is low confidence on which areas could see thunderstorm development Friday afternoon and evening (potentially the Piney Woods region). There is higher confidence that most of the region will see thunderstorms Friday night and Saturday morning along a cold front moving across the region towards the coast. Drier weather is expected behind the front Saturday afternoon and Sunday.



Melissa Huffman and Chuck Roeseler
National Weather Service – Houston/Galveston, TX

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