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Dense Fog Advisory issued February 10 at 3:48AM CST until February 10 at 10:00AM CST by NWS

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By w-nws.webmaster@noaa.gov …DENSE FOG ADVISORY IN EFFECT UNTIL 10 AM CST THIS MORNING… The National Weather Service in Austin/San Antonio has issued a Dense Fog Advisory, which is in effect until 10 AM CST this morning. * VISIBILITY…One quarter mile or less. * IMPACTS…Areas of dense fog will make for hazardous driving …read more



First Gold Medal Of 2018 Winter Olympics Awarded

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By Brittany Martinez

iStock/Thinkstock(PYEONCHANG, South Korea) — Charlotte Kalla of Sweden won the first medal of the Pyeongchang Games on Saturday in cross country skiing and Norwegian skier Marit Bjoergen took silver in the women’s 15-k skiathlon to become the most decorated female Winter Olympian ever.

Bjoergen who’s 37 captured her 11th career medal, – winning three gold medals in Vancouver in 2010 and three more in Sochi.

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Family searching desperately for bone marrow donor for 6-month-old with rare immune disorder

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By David Rind

iLexx/iStock/Thinkstock(DETROIT) — A Michigan family is searching for a bone marrow donor for their 6-month-old who suffers from a rare immune disorder.

Doctors initially did not think that baby Elias would make it to 7 months, his mother, Evelyn Argirokastritis, told ABC Detroit affiliate WXYZ. The immune disorder he suffers from is so uncommon that he’s only the 22nd person in the United States to ever be registered with it, WXYZ reported.

Time is of the essence for Elias, who is kept in sterilized isolation to prevent him from coming in contact with even the most minor of illnesses, which for him could be fatal, his mother said.

Doctors are especially worried that it is the season for RSV, or respiratory syncytial virus, Argirokastritis said.

“If he were to get the respiratory infection that’s going on, it could be lethal,” she added.

The family feels “helpless” that they are not a match and “can’t do anything” for Elias, Argirokastritis said. After none of Elias’ extended family turned out to be a match either, Argirokastritis turned to Be the Match, the national registry for bone marrow donations.

The online registry did not present any matches for Elias, either.

Now, the family, who lives in Macomb County, is hosting “Be the Match” events in Detroit to help expedite the search. All that’s needed to see if you’re a match is a few swabs from a kit and about 20 seconds.

“He needs just the smallest amount of bone marrow from you to help him live a full life,” Argirokastritis explained.

The mother is pleading with potential matches to get tested to help save someone’s life.

“Everyone could be a hero,” she said. “You don’t know who’s out there waiting for you, who’s been spending the last three, four years in a hospital just waiting for you.”

Argirokastritis is still holding onto hope that her young son will get a second chance at a healthy life. Their next match event will be held on Saturday afternoon at the Village of Rochester Hills, according to WXYZ.

“So, get up, go to one of my drives, and swab your cheeks,” Argirokastritis said. “Someone’s waiting for you.”

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Paralympic snowboarder finds success on and off the slopes

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By David Rind

kapulya/iStock/Thinkstock(PYEONCHANG, South Korea) — By his own calculations, Paralympic snowboarder Michael Schultz, aka “Monster Mike,” is having “one heck of an adventure.”

The 36-year-old St. Cloud, Minnesota native won gold in the snowboard-cross event at the 2018 World Para Snowboard Championships Tuesday and is setting his sights on his first Paralympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

And when he is not busy tearing down the mountains, he’s running his company, BioDapt Inc., which develops high-performance prosthetic equipment for lower-limb amputees.

How this adventure all came to be, according to Schultz, is “kind of nuts.”

In 2008, Schultz was a professional snowmobile racer and at the peak of his career. Racing in a competition in Michigan, Schultz was thrown from his vehicle and landed on his leg. He suffered a compound fracture that severed the nerve and main artery in his left leg. Doctors tried to save the limb but were forced to amputate.

“When I originally started looking at different prosthetic components, most of them were just set up for walking. … With these sports, these action sports like the motocross and snowmobiles and the snowboarding, that knee has to have resistance in it to carry your weight. … It needs to absorb that and spring back,” he said. “And there were a couple of different sport legs available but they didn’t have the range of motion that I needed to ride my dirt bike.”

In 2010, Schultz’s garage and shop tinkering became a full-fledged company called BioDapt.

BioDapt’s products now include a Moto Knee, which he uses, as well as a Versa Foot. More than 100 wounded soldiers, extreme athletes, cancer survivors and amputees now use his products.

“We’re helping out all kinds of other athletes and veterans getting back into action with their sports and activities,” he said. “That’s why I put so much time into our company and the equipment … It’s for the reaction we get from others that are chasing down their dreams too.”

And as his company has grown, so has Schultz as an athlete. Since 2010 or so, he’s taken up snowboarding and excelled. He’s been training and racing in preparation for the Paralympic Games this year.

“You know, ultimately [the injury] got me back into sports I loved to do and a new one — snowboarding, Paralympic snowboarding, (snowboard)-cross and banked slalom,” he said.

Eight years ago, Schultz said, he’d never have thought he’d be traveling the world as a pro snowboarder — and even better, competing against others who use his equipment.

“Snowboarding has taken me so many different places,” said Schultz, who was even featured on Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes box. “It’s kind of crazy how one thing can lead to another if you keep your eyes open to it.”

“I just want to find out what the district lines are,” Rep. Brendan Boyle, D-Pa., told ABC News.

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Endangered butterfly could be threatened by Trump's wall, environmentalists say

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By David Rind

Purestock/iStock/Thinkstock(SAN DIEGO) — A small butterfly native to southern California and northwestern Mexico could be threatened by President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall.

The Quino checkerspot butterfly was once common to the area but has seen its habitat eroded over the past century and is now listed as an endangered species, according to the Center for Biological Diversity. It’s one of the species listed in a lawsuit brought against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security by the center and other environmental groups over the wall.

Environmentalists claim the butterfly and a number of other species, including the Riverside fairy shrimp and the Pacific pocket mouse, could be in trouble if the Trump administration goes through with its plan to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

“It really can’t fly above around 15 feet above the ground,” J.P. Rose, a staff attorney for the Center for Biological Diversity, told ABC affiliate KGTV in San Diego. “So if you put in a 30- to 40-foot wall along the border, the ability of it to migrate from northern Mexico to the U.S. is going to be impossible.”

The lawsuit is challenging DHS’s ability to waive environment laws requiring review before the wall is built. But the DHS is arguing that it is within its right to issue the waivers.

U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel was set to hear arguments Friday on the lawsuit. Curiel is no stranger to Trump, who blasted the judge in 2016 when he was presiding over one of the cases against Trump University. Then a candidate for president, Trump told The Wall Street Journal that Curiel, who was born in Indiana, has “an absolute conflict” of interest regarding the case because “of Mexican heritage.”

Trump has since agreed to settle the various Trump University lawsuit for $25 million. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals this week cleared the way for attendees of Trump University to get some of their money back, upholding Curiel’s decision and rejecting arguments from a lone objector who threatened to derail the settlement.

When asked by KGTV if the lawsuit is also about a more general opposition to the wall, Rose replied that “it’s definitely both.”

“We are in solidarity with civil rights, immigrant rights, human rights groups who are against this wall,” Rose said.

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