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Scoreboard Roundup -- 2/02/18

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By Brittany Martinez

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — Here are the latest scores from today’s sports events:

Final Charlotte 133 Indiana 126
Final L.A. Lakers 102 Brooklyn 99
Final Toronto 130 Portland 105
Final Boston 119 Atlanta 110
Final Philadelphia 103 Miami 97
Final Milwaukee 92 N-Y Knicks 90
Final Utah 129 Phoenix 97
Final New Orleans 114 Oklahoma City 100
Final Golden State 119 Sacramento 104


Final Pittsburgh healthy man viagra 7 Washington 4
Final Detroit 4 Carolina 1
Final San Jose 3 Columbus 1
Final Minnesota 5 Vegas 2


Final (22) Rhode Island 81 VCU 68

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Enter one Philadelphia Eagles super fan's man cave: 'This is the utopia'

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By Brittany Martinez

ABC(READING, Pa.) — There are the regular Philadelphia Eagles fans and then, there are the diehards like Barry “The Hatchet” Vagnoni, who calls himself a “whack job.”

“Some people collect cars. Some people collect coins. I’m into Philadelphia Eagles. That’s what I love. That’s my passion,” he told ABC News. “Till the day I die, I will always be a Philadelphia Eagles fan. … This is my love. Other than my family, this is my love.”

The Reading, Pennsylvania, father of two and grandfather of six has been an Eagles fan since 1954. In 1960, he and his father were watching, eyes peeled to the family TV, as the Eagles won the world championship against the Green Bay Packers.

Vagnoni called the victory “one of the happiest days of my life.”

For him, Eagles game day is truly a family affair and this Sunday’s Super Bowl festivities will be no different.

He and Dawn, his wife of 56 years, typically entertain 125 to 175 people in his 2,000-square-foot, locker-room-type man cave.The 2,000 square-foot space features a 35-foot bar and 16 televisions where guests can watch the game from anywhere, including the bathrooms. Those who attend are known as “locker-room members,” mostly friends and family who must wear a special pass and comply with family-friendly rules.

“Naturally only Philadelphia Eagles fans allowed” Vagnoni told ABC News. “You must wear Eagles gear. No exceptions. No smoking in the locker room. No foul language in the locker room.”

Barry Vagnoni keeps the crowd pumped from his perch on a stage, leading cheers, changing costumes and even beating a drum.

He added the room 13 years ago, and said he was inspired to build the addition after watching the Kevin Costner movie “Field of Dreams.”

The locker room is a basilica for Eagles fans covered with team memorabilia from floor to ceiling and on every walls in between. There are signed jerseys, helmets and spikes as well as photographs, mugs and even a section of turf from the now-razed Veterans Stadium where the Eagles once played.

He told ABC News that although he had an estimate of how much it cost to run the parties, he wouldn’t divulge for fear his wife would get mad. He said most of the signed memorabilia in the room comes from his and his wife’s participation in various fundraisers and charitable events.

“It’s my life’s passion,” he told ABC News about the room. “This is the utopia.”

On Sunday, he and Dawn Vagnoni, plan to welcome more than 100 people to the man cave for Super Bowl LII, when the Eagles take on the New England Patriots in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“This coming Sunday night is just, is my lifelong dream to be able to witness our Eagles in the Super Bowl and hopefully, Lord willing, hopefully they’re going to get a win,” he said.

He said he’ll also be thinking of his late father, especially this Sunday.

“My dad would be so happy,” Vagnoni said, “There’s not a game that goes by that I don’t think, while I’m standing up on stage leading the troops, cheering, and getting every body all jacked up, I think ‘Boy, oh boy, Dad, you would really be having a ball.'”

The couple said they are expecting an overflow crowd of fans along with a band, dancers, two smokers and 50 pounds of wings.

Barry Vagnoni said his daughter, a dance teacher, put together several routines for a group to perform during game breaks.

“It’s nothing but fun in this room,” he said. “It’s a lot of love — win or lose. … It’s just one big party.”

All of the food and drinks are free for those in attendance. He said he keeps a jar around in case people want to leave a donation but nothing is expected. Folks can bring things as well.

Dawn Vagnoni said she’d learned of her husband’s obsession the day she met him.

The two were born in the same hospital, one day a part, and grew up together as friends. She said Barry Vagnoni is indeed a “super fan.”

“He runs the room. He’s the energy in the room,” she said. “Everybody loves him.”

On game day she works behind the scenes, cooking and preparing the food, guarding the door and taking photos of all the guests to guests.

And though Vagnoni said he roots for other Philadelphia teams, he said that none have his heart (and his wallet) like the Eagles.

“You gave me a choice between winning the Powerball and having a Super Bowl victory with my family and my friends, I’ll take the Super Bowl victory of my Philadelphia Eagles, any day, any day of the week, any day of the year,” Vagnoni said. “You give me that. … I’ll be very, very happy.”

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9-year-old to play with the Cincinnati Pops

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By Michael Dobuski

ABC News(CINCINNATI) — It’s the dream of any amateur musician to play on stage under the big lights and in front of a packed crowd, and now that dream has become a reality for one very special musical prodigy.

Takako Frautschi teaches piano to many talented musicians at the College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati, but it’s not often one of her pupils is chosen to play a Mozart concerto on stage with the Cincinnati Pops.

Especially when that pupil is only 9 years old.

“She has such a gift,” I know she is so young, [but she’s] feeling the music in such a mature way. She closes her eyes and plays from her heart, Frautschi told local ABC affiliate WCPO.

When young Sophia Suwiryo found out she would soon be playing with the Cincinnati Pops, she and Frautschi immediately got to work.

“She has only been given two months to learn it,” Frautschi said. “It requires a lot of practice just to be aware of every note.”

It takes most of Frautschi’s college students about a year to perfect the piece, but not Sophia — she mastered it within two weeks, Frautschi said.

Michael Suwiryo and Cindy Tanudji said they try and keep their daughter stimulated with several activities. She also attends Chinese school, swimming lessons and chess lessons.

Suwiryo said even before Sophia was born he would place headphones playing classical music on either side of his wife’s pregnant belly.

“I heard about the Mozart effect,” he said.

Tanudji was not as convinced, “I was like, ‘OK, whatever.’ I just watched comedy-drama on TV” she said.

Frautschi said Sophia’s parents refer to her as “the boss.” She truly loves playing piano and doesn’t get tired.

“Anything I demand, she gets back to me with everything I assigned, and everything seems so easy for her,” said Frautschi.

Tanudji said her daughter wants to learn to play other instruments as well.

“We’re holding back right now,” she said. “She keeps surprising us all of the time. We know she loves piano, but never knew she was capable of playing this tough music. It’s beyond her age … every year, she surprises us.”

Sophia, who has been playing piano since she was 4, said she was ecstatic to learn that she was invited to play with the Pops.

“I was screaming and very happy. I am blessed that I get to play there,” she said. “It feels like I’m a famous person, that I can be with them on stage.”

Sophia said she gets inspiration from both her parents.

“That is one of the things I want to be, [a pianist],” Sophia said. “I might want to be a surgeon, too.”

Her parents said they’re nervous but also incredibly proud of their daughter.

“It’s a huge opportunity that I never dreamed for my daughter, that can go and perform at such an awesome place,” Tanudji said. “There will be 3,500 people — that is like playing at the [Cincinnati] Bengals stadium.”

“It makes me forget she is only 9,” her father added.

Sophia will have her big day in the spotlight Saturday morning at Cincinnati Music Hall.

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Ashes from wildfire turned into art

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By Michael Dobuski

ABC News(SANTA ROSE, Calif.) — Art healing the pain of loss: That’s what one California man hopes he is doing in the wake of the wildfire that scorched Sonoma County last year.

Gregory Roberts, who runs the Art Department at Sonoma State University, is taking the ashes from the charred remains of homes residents bring him and turning each bag of ashes into a glazed container, ABC station KGO reported.

The containers are based on Santa Rosa’s famous Fountaingrove Round Barn.

It is part of Gregory’s “Sonoma Ash Project.”

Roberts, an expert on ceramics, went on social media asking wildfire victims to bring him their ashes for transformation into clay.

“Dogs, pets, my grandparent’s ashes were lost and might be in here, somewhere…,” Roberts told KGO of the bags he has received.

Many of the bags come with notes telling him how the ash might be saved from specific rooms or special places. In some cases, the ashes have been from where a pet disappeared, of from where a family stored the remains of a loved one.

“I always wanted to be a village potter,” Roberts told KGO. “I just want people to have something beautiful to hold from what they have lost.”

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Man charged with conspiracy for allegedly selling Vegas shooter armor-piercing ammo

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By Michael Dobuski

iStock/Thinkstock(LAS VEGAS) — A man has been charged with conspiracy in connection to October’s massacre in Las Vegas for allegedly selling armor-piercing ammunition to shooter Stephen Paddock.

Fifty-eight people were killed and hundreds injured in the shooting.

Douglas Haig, 55, has been charged with conspiracy to manufacture and sell armor-piercing ammunition.

According to the complaint, which was obtained by ABC News, Haig admitted to selling hundreds of rounds of tracer ammo to Paddock in September, which isn’t illegal. However, among the unfired rounds found in Paddock’s hotel room were two cartridges which forensic analysis determined were armor-piercing/incendiary ammo that had Haig’s fingerprints on them, the complaint states. Such ammunition is illegal to manufacture without a license. Haig, according to the complaint, did not have such a license.

A subsequent search warrant at his business located more armor-piercing and incendiary rounds and records of Haig selling them around the country, according to the complaint.

Earlier today, Haig and his attorney, Marc Victor, gave a press conference defending Haig as a “law-abiding citizen” with no history of legal problems.

Haig said he was sickened and horrified when where can you buy viagra he learned of the massacre.

“I had no contribution to what Paddock did,” he said, adding the amount of ammunition he sold to Paddock was very common. “I had no way to see into his mind.”

“The product I sold him had absolutely nothing to do with what he did,” Haig added, referring to the legal tracer ammunition.

Victor told ABC News Wednesday that Haig only sold tracer rounds to Paddock.

Haig did not acknowledge selling Paddock armor-piercing/incendiary ammunition.

This evening, Haig, in shackles, appeared in federal court with Victor by his side on the single charge listed in the complaint, according to local ABC affiliate KNXV. The judge ordered him to surrender his passport, guns, ammunition, and tools used to manufacture ammunition.

Victor declined to comment to ABC News following the court appearance.

Paddock took his own life after unleashing the hail of gunfire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on October 1. Unsuspecting concertgoers were attending a music festival below.

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