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Charlotte air traffic controller arrested for possession of pipe bomb

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By Anthony Pucik

iStock/Thinkstock(CHARLOTTE, N.C.) — Police arrested an employee of Charlotte Douglas International Airport for allegedly possessing a pipe bomb on Friday.

According to the Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police Department, Paul Dandan, who worked as an air traffic controller for the Federal Aviation Administration, was arrested on multiple charges, including possession of a weapon of mass destruction and acquiring a weapon of mass destruction.

Police said the device was not located at the airport, but instead found at Dandan’s apartment. Police and bomb squad members reported to the home on Nov. 3 after a 911 call and found the device.

Dandan, 30, has been fired by the FAA.

“The FAA has terminated the employee’s access to the facility and is cooperating with law enforcement authorities,” the administration said in a statement released Friday.

Police say Dandan received the pipe bomb from an acquaintance, Derrick Fells, who told police he constructed the bomb in order to use in a dispute with a neighbor. He changed his mind and gave the device to Dandan, police said.

“The FAA employee only had access to the offsite Air Traffic Control Tower and had no access to the restricted areas of the terminal or ramp,” a spokesperson for Charlotte Douglas International Airport said in a release. “He did not have access to any aircraft at the Airport.”

Fells, who was Dandan’s roommate, has also been charged with four different counts relating to the construction and possession of the bomb.

According to North Carolina law, a weapon of mass destruction includes any explosive device, such as a bomb, grenade or rocket.

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Hunger Games: Rats battle it out for a French fry in New York

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@Salcedoseth/Instagram(NEW YORK) — New York City’s subway rats can’t get enough of the delicious fast food riders discard during their daily commutes.

More than two years after Pizza Rat caused an internet sensation after it was seen carrying a slice more than twice its size, two rats were seen at the 14th Street L station battling it out for a single French fry.

Instagram user Seth Salcedo spotted the rats as he was waiting for the train Thursday, he told ABC News. The rats engage in a tug-of-war scuffle over the coveted fry before one of them pulls it away and runs off.

The other rat doesn’t let the victor get away too easy and chases it — in hopes of regaining the prize — before the pair disappear under the subway tracks.

In September 2015, a rat that would become an NYC legend was seen carrying a Brooklyn-style slice down a set of subway stairs at the First Avenue L train station in the East Village.

In the video, the rodent, affectionately dubbed Pizza Rat, drops the slice once it realizes it’s being watched, but continues to keep an eye on its loot.

A street sign in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood was dedicated to the infamous Pizza Rat.

In October 2015, another rat at the same station was seen carrying a slice of pizza when a second rat approached and tried to snatch the slice away.

While rats battling over carbs is a sight to behold, the real question is: Who is throwing away all of this perfectly good food?

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Hope Solo accuses former FIFA head Sepp Blatter of sexual assault

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Christof Koepsel/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — U.S. soccer star Hope Solo has accused former FIFA president Sepp Blatter of sexually assaulting her in 2013, according to a new interview with the Portugese newspaper Expresso.

Solo said he groped her at the Ballon d’Or award ceremony in Zurich, Switzerland, before she went on stage to present FIFA’s women’s player of the year award to her teammate, Abby Wambach.

“I had Sepp Blatter grab my ass,” she told Expresso. “…right before I went on stage… It’s been normalized.”

A spokesman for Blatter said to Expresso and The Guardian that Solo’s allegation was “ridiculous.”

Solo told Expresso that “when things like that happen,” referring to Blatter’s alleged groping, she will “usually speak directly with the person.”

“In the case of Sepp Blatter, I went on the stage, I was nervous for the presentation… It was the Ballon D’Or I was presenting,” she said to Expresso. “After that I didn’t see him and that was kind of bad. I didn’t get to tell him directly “Don’t ever touch me!” That’s the way I’ve always handled things. Directly.”

Blatter, 81, served as president of FIFA from 1998-2015. He was suspended by the organization’s ethics committee in 2015 after an investigation into allegations of corruption and bribery among several top soccer officials.

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This week on Lone Star Outdoors Show with Cable Smith

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We talk African trophy importation bans with Dallas Safari Club Executive Director Corey Mason. The term “If It Pays, It Stays” is transcendent in both North America and Africa. So why does the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service feel the need to keep butting in with mind boggling legislation that devalues the lives of many African species? We try to get to the bottom of their ill advised regulations.

Then we try to get inside the mind of those feathered rockets we all love chasing this time of year. That’s right, duck season opens this weekend and so we talk all things decoys, calling and etiquette with longtime duck guide and U.S. Army veteran Beau Saucier. 
We wrap up the show when our friend and podcast host Sam Ayers drops in from L.A. – his story is a unique one as his career keeps him smack dab in the middle of Hollywood. We discuss his attempt to live the country/outdoor life while stuck in the concrete jungle. 
Join us Saturday morning at 8, for Lone Star Outdoors Show on Texas Thunder Radio.
Cable Smith
Owner/Host  Lone Star Outdoors Show

Video shows plane failing to answer calls to abort landing on busy airport taxiway

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iStock/Thinktsock(SAN FRANCISCO) — Video has been released from an October incident at San Francisco International Airport, in which air traffic controllers were unable to reach the pilots of an incoming Air Canada plane for more than 35 seconds.

“Air Canada 781, go around,” an air traffic controller can be heard saying repeatedly in audio.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, which is investigating the incident, Air Canada flight 781 from Montreal, Quebec, failed to respond Oct. 22 to six separate calls from the air traffic control tower to abort its landing.

“The pilots acknowledged landing clearance when they entered final approach to San Francisco but was later told six times to abort the landing and ‘go around,'” the FAA said in October. “It appears the pilots didn’t hear the controller.”

Air traffic controllers even tried using a flashing red light gun to get pilots’ attention, which the FAA said was “standard protocol when an air crew is not responding to radio instructions.”

According to ABC station KGO-TV, which obtained the footage, authorities were particularly worried because an aircraft was already on the ground.

As controllers tried to reach the Air Canada pilots, KGO said, a United flight that had landed previously was being asked to move quickly so it would avoid a different United flight that was landing on an adjacent runway.

“United 2065, without delay. Cross 28 left,” an air traffic controller says. “Contact ground point 8 without delay, please. Traffic coming 2 mile final and they’re fast.”

The Air Canada flight, an Airbus A320-200, landed safely at 9:26 p.m. local time with pilots finally contacting the tower.

“Yeah, Air Canada 781. … There’s a problem with the radio here,” the pilot can be heard saying.

“That’s, uh, pretty evident,” an air traffic controller says.

In a statement on Friday, Transport Canada told ABC News: “Following the incident at San Francisco International Airport on October 22, Transport Canada is in contact with Air Canada to establish facts and verify compliance with safety regulations.”

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