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This week on Lone Star Outdoors Show with Cable Smith

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We talk African trophy importation bans with Dallas Safari Club Executive Director Corey Mason. The term “If It Pays, It Stays” is transcendent in both North America and Africa. So why does the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service feel the need to keep butting in with mind boggling legislation that devalues the lives of many African species? We try to get to the bottom of their ill advised regulations.

Then we try to get inside the mind of those feathered rockets we all love chasing this time of year. That’s right, duck season opens this weekend and so we talk all things decoys, calling and etiquette with longtime duck guide and U.S. Army veteran Beau Saucier. 
We wrap up the show when our friend and podcast host Sam Ayers drops in from L.A. – his story is a unique one as his career keeps him smack dab in the middle of Hollywood. We discuss his attempt to live the country/outdoor life while stuck in the concrete jungle. 
Join us Saturday morning at 8, for Lone Star Outdoors Show on Texas Thunder Radio.
Cable Smith
Owner/Host  Lone Star Outdoors Show

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