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Study: Latinos Lag Behind Others in Earning College Degrees

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By Public News Service Study: Latinos Lag Behind Others in Earning College Degrees SAN ANTONIO, Texas – Despite progress in recent years, earning a college degree remains a major challenge for Latinos both in Texas and across the country.

A new study out Wednesday from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce finds that only 21 percent of Latinos have a bachelor’s degree compared to 32 percent of African-Americans and 45 percent of whites.

And in Texas, only 14 percent of Latinos have an undergraduate degree or higher. …(Read More) …read more

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Before and after photos of neighborhood destroyed by wildfire in Santa Rosa, California

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NASA(SANTA ROSA, Calif.) — The wildfires that have displaced tens of thousands and killed at least 15 people in Napa County, California, have all but destroyed one neighborhood in the city of Santa Rosa called Coffey Park.

This is one of the neighborhoods that has been left in ruins because of the North Bay wildfires.

Google Earth

Coffey Park was once full of lush trees and family homes, but the uncontrolled flames left almost every house destroyed. Few trees are left standing and many that have remained are completely bare.

California Highway Patrol/EPA

An aerial photo taken by NASA from space shows overwhelming smoke encompassing North Bay as it moves out to sea.

The thick smoke plume covers multiple counties.

Photos of areas caught in what is believed to be at least 17 wildfires show the destruction in their wake.

The fires have charred about 115,000 acres of land, destroyed at least 1,500 buildings and forced nearly 20,000 residents to evacuate so far.

The Tubbs wildfire that wiped out Coffey Park has spread over 27,000 acres of land, officials said.

The fire broke out late Sunday night off of Highway 128 and Bennett Lane in Calistoga, California, and has spread to the south, reaching into the Santa Rosa neighborhoods.

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49ers' Eric Reid defends taking a knee during national anthem: 'We want to make our country better'

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ABC News(NEW YORK) — San Francisco 49ers’ player Eric Reid, one of the first players to join teammate Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem, defended the ongoing silent protests on The View.

“We love this country so much that we reserve the right to criticize her perpetually,” Reid said, paraphrasing from writer James Baldwin. “We just want to do that — we want to make our country better.”

On Saturday, Dallas Cowboys’ owner and general manager Jerry Jones said any player who “disrespects the flag” won’t be allowed to play. Reid weighed in on the situation, saying, “That’s a poor decision on Jerry’s part.”

“We have a constitutional right to protest. And that’s all we’re doing — exercising it,” Reid said. “It’s a peaceful protest…. We’re simply trying to raise awareness around the issues that our country face[s].”

Reid says those issues “include police brutality, systemic oppression of black and brown people,” making clear that “it’s not about the anthem the flag or the military.”

The 49ers’ strong safety said he was first inspired to join Kaepernick’s protest in the aftermath of Alton Sterling’s death in Reid’s hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

“At that point, I knew I needed to do something,” Reid said. “I need[ed] to use my platform to speak out for people who didn’t have a voice.”

In an New York Times op-ed, Reid discussed receiving advice from “Nate Boyer, a retired Green Beret and former NFL player,” on the best way to protest.

“When we first started this process we decided to kneel as a sign of respect,” Reid said. “It’s very confusing for me that it’s been misconstrued as disrespectful.”

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Texas Tech student charged with capital murder in cop's shooting death

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iStock/Thinkstock(LUBBOCK, Texas) — A Texas Tech University student has been charged with capital murder after allegedly shooting a campus police officer in the head Monday night.

Hollis Daniels, 19, was being booked into jail at TTU’s police station for evading arrest after drugs and drug paraphernalia were allegedly found in his dorm room.

Two officers were originally dispatched to Daniels’ campus dorm suite inside Talkington Residence Hall late Monday afternoon after his mother called the university hotline fearing her son was a danger to himself, university spokesman Chris Cook told ABC News.

“She called earlier in the day … saying her son was having suicidal thoughts,” Cook said. Daniels’ roommate also said that the 19-year-old was showing “odd behavior,” Cook added.

After the two responding officers allegedly found the drugs and paraphernalia, Daniels was taken to the police station for questioning. There, Daniels was left alone with an officer in a room. While they were alone, Daniels is believed to have pulled a gun out and “fatally wounded the officer with a single shot,” Cook said, then fled. The officer was pronounced dead at the scene.

It’s unclear whether the weapon used to kill the officer belonged to Daniels or was swiped from an officer at the station or from a squad car, University Police Chief Kyle Bonath said late Monday.

Daniels then led officers on a pursuit across campus, according to Bonath. During that time the school was on lockdown.

Daniels was eventually spotted near the school’s Jones AT&T Stadium about an hour after escaping custody. Cook said multiple officers tackled Daniels and apprehended him, and he was then transported to the Lubbock Police Department, where he remained on Tuesday.

In addition to capital murder, Daniels has been charged with evading arrest, according to police.

The deceased officer has been identified as Floyd East Jr.

“At this time the family of the deceased officer will be in the prayers of the Texas Tech community,” Texas Tech President Lawrence Schovanec told reporters Monday. “In the coming days, we’ll be offering our full support to that family.”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott echoed the sentiments, saying “hearts go out to the family of the police officer killed.”

It’s unclear whether Daniels has obtained an attorney.

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A new timeline raises new questions about the hotel’s response to Vegas shooting

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ABC News(LAS VEGAS) — Authorities have revised the timeline for last week’s mass shooting in Las Vegas, raising new questions about the hotel’s response to an attack that killed 58 people and injured several hundred more.

The sheriff’s office initially said that Stephen Paddock’s rampage was brought to an end when security guard Jesus Campos arrived on the 32nd floor to check on a door alarm to discover the shooting in progress.

Federal agents told ABC News, however, the FBI has known for several days that the Sheriff Joseph Lombardo, chief of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, was providing inaccurate information to the public about the sequence of events inside the Mandalay Bay hotel.

Lombardo acknowledged on Monday, under pressure from the FBI, that Campos reported that he had been shot at least six minutes before the rampage began.

“What we have learned is Mr. Campos was encountered by the suspect prior to his shooting to the outside world,” Lombardo said in a press conference.

According to Brad Garrett, a former FBI agent and ABC News consultant, the change is significant. If the hotel knew there was an active shooter on the 32nd floor six minutes before the rampage began, Garrett says, it raises the question of whether they could have done more to stop him.

“And those six minutes, you may not have been able to get the police there, but you may have been able to create a disruption of some sort that would have kept him from doing what he ultimately did,” Garrett said.

Officials briefed on the investigation have also told ABC News that Paddock used the hotel’s service elevator in the days leading up to the attack. Access to the service elevator, sources say, was a perk for high-rollers.

On Tuesday, deputy sheriff Tom Roberts told ABC’s local affiliate station KTNV-TV the hotel did the best it could.

“You have that human factor where it goes to a person and they end up loggin’ into a computer, then they make a call to dispatch – at the same time he may have already started firing outside,” Roberts said.

The owner of the Mandalay Hotel, MGM, would not answer questions from ABC News.

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