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Abigail Breslin said her friend joked that she would "kill her" if she botched new "Dirty Dancing"

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By Stephen Iervolino

ABC – 2017(LOS ANGELES) — Abigail Breslin and Colt Prattes are feeling the gravity of remaking Dirty Dancing 30 years after it hit theaters, and a lot of that pressure is coming from close friends and family.

“One of my best friends … she was like, ‘If you don’t do a good job, I will kill you,'” Breslin told ABC News.

Prattes, who is stepping in for the late Patrick Swayze in the film, added that he got the same jokes from those closest to him.

The duo spoke to ABC News a week ahead of the TV release. They shared what it was like on set and the biggest challenges of taking on these roles.

“I’m just excited that people get a little bit more explanation of the characters and of that story line,” Prattes said about the additional plot added to this film. “I’m stoked for people to get more of this story. This is a beautiful story.”

Breslin added that “explanations” and backstory will be given for certain characters’ choices and attitudes. And of course, there’s the “dancing,” something Breslin said was certainly daunting.

“I don’t think that the words graceful and Abigail Breslin have ever been in a sentence together,” the Oscar nominee joked. “I was terrified. I was really lucky I was working with Colt … and everybody on the choreography end of things … I had to learn to dance.”

The two young actors said Jennifer Grey, who played the original “Baby,” was very supportive of the remake.

“I met [her] after we filmed and she was lovely and so sweet,” Breslin said. “But before hand, we mostly hung out with each other. We were doing something that was a little bit different. It’s kind of hard to get advice from those who were in the original when that’s of its own unique experience.”

Dirty Dancing will air on May 24 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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Planet Hollywood door supervisor tackled driver in Times Square crash after he tried to flee

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By David Rind

ABC News(NEW YORK) — A Planet Hollywood door supervisor tackled the driver who plowed into pedestrians in Times Square Thursday and helped hold him, he told ABC News.

Kenya Bradix, 47, said he saw a car driving the wrong direction on 7th Avenue between 44th and 45th Streets, and then saw it crash.

The driver of the car, identified by police as Richard Rojas, 26, of the Bronx, was screaming and flailing as he got out of the car after hitting multiple people, Bradix said.

Then, a traffic agent told Bradix to “get him,” he said.

“I ran toward him and tackled him down,” Bradix said, adding that he was assisted by an off-duty police officer and two passers-by.

Police showed up “seconds later,” he said.

An 18-year-old woman died and 22 other people were injured in the crash.

Bradix said he didn’t realize what the driver had done until he saw bodies lying in the street.

Bradix, who has been working at Planet Hollywood since 2000, added he doesn’t consider himself a hero.

“I was just doing something that I hope people would do, because I was trying to do the right thing,” he said.

Rojas, a Navy veteran, was taken into custody after he tried to flee the scene, police said.

Rojas has had multiple arrests, including two for driving while intoxicated, according to police. Law enforcement sources told ABC News initial tests have come back negative for alcohol but positive for drugs. Sources also said police are trying to determine whether Rojas suffers from psychological problems, based on statements made at the time of his arrest.

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Brad Paisley catches senior-itis as he kicks off his Weekend Warrior Tour

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By Music News Group

ABC/Image Group LA Brad Paisley‘s currently having a “Last Time for Everything” contest to give one group of 2017 graduates a concert they’ll never forget, and Wednesday night in New York state, he got in a practice run.

The West Virginia native invited the seniors from Saratoga Springs High and Averill Park High to be his test audience as he rehearsed for this 2017 Weekend Warrior World Tour. Along the way, he also doled out a little advice.

“This is the ‘Last Time for Everything’ for all of you,” he said, referencing his current single. “High school graduation is one of those moments where you look around and it’s like ‘We’re going to be friends forever.’ No, some of them you might see at a reunion,” he joked.

You can check out all the details for Brad’s contest online.

After his Thursday kickoff in Saratoga Springs, Brad and Dustin Lynch, Chase Bryant and Lindsey Ell roll through Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Raleigh, North Carolina this weekend.

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You can keep the car seat, Thomas Rhett's daughter prefers to fly

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By Music News Group

Valory Music Co. It sounds like Thomas Rhett‘s adopted daughter Willa Gray may be tailor-made to hit the road with dad.

After a 7,000-mile, 30-hour trip from Uganda last week, TR says the 18-month-old was nothing but excited.

“… Immediately, she got in my arms and was like, ‘Airplane!’” he tells People. “I thought, ‘Okay, you haven’t changed a bit and this isn’t fazing you at all!’” he says of the little one.

While Willa apparently loves taking to the skies, she’s not so sure about child restraints on the ground.

“As bad as it is, they don’t do the whole car seat thing in Uganda,” TR says. “She’s like, Why are these straps over my shoulders? Why am I being locked into this weird contraption?’”

This Saturday, the new dad plays Madison, Mississippi with Kenny Chesney and Jake Owen.

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Why Josh Turner is "All About You"

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By Music News Group

MCA NashvilleJosh Turner is following up his #1 hit, “Hometown Girl,” with a road-tested tune titled “All About You.”

“From the first time I heard [it], I loved the energy that it had,” the South Carolina native says. “It really had a drive to it and on top of that, it’s got a really simple, yet profound lyric basically saying ‘it doesn’t really matter what we’re doing as long as I’m with you…’ We’ve been playing it live a lot lately and the fans are digging it…” he adds.

“All About You” is the latest single from Josh’s #1 album, Deep South. He’ll play the Riverfront Stage during CMA Music Festival in Nashville Friday, June 9.

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