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2016 SJLS Results

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Market Broilers:

Thomas Klozik – Grand Champion
Jacob Spann – Reserve Champion
Callie Sevcik – 3rd/Showmanship
Dyllan Chrismon – 4th
Aimee Brown – 5th
Garrett Heiman – 6th

Market Steers:

Jacy Chrismon – Grand Champion/Showmanship
Caden Chrismon – Reserve Champion
Catherine Brown – 3rd

Market Swine Overall:

Stevie Peters – Grand Champion
Jacob Seibert – Reserve Champion
Sarah Peters – Showmanship

Market Swine Light Weight:

Jacob Seibert – 1st
Elliot Peters – 2nd
Cameron Pesek – 3rd
Alyson Mraz – 4th
Sarah Peters – 5th

Market Swine Heavy Weight:

Stevie Peters -1st
Cloey Saylors -2nd
Cheyenne Moore -3rd
Peyton Brown -4th
Alex Brown -5th
Jackson Seibert -6th
Tank Moore -7th

Market Goats Overall:

Kaylee Green – Grand Champion
Kylie Hinze – Reserve Champion/Showmanship

Market Goat Light Weight:
Mason Davis – 1st
Emma Davis – 2nd
Jared Chumchal – 3rd

Market Goat Heavy Weight:

Camille Darilek – 1st
Colter Darilek – 2nd
Callie Chrismon – 3rd
Caden Chrismon – 4th
Breeding Goats:

Camille Darilek – Grand Champion
Colter Darilek – Reserve Champion
Market Rabbits:

Gracie Pilat – Grand Champion
Charlie Pilat – Reserve Champion
Elliot Peters – 3rd
Ted Machacek – 4th
Sally Machacek -5th
Timberly Mobbs -6th
Julia Machacek -7th
Grace Irvin – 8th / Showmanship
Jake Yackel -9th
Anna Adamek -10th
Holly Hull -11th
Atlanta Moore -12th

Bake Show:
Reese Seibert – Grand Champion (Strawberry Shortcake)
Catherine Brown – Reserve Champion (German Chocolate Pie)

The Silent Auction for Bake Show will end at 7:30 p.m.
The Buyers Social and Meal will take place at 6:00 p.m. followed by the Premium Sale at 8:00 p.m. at Arthur Kaspar Pavilion in Green Dickson Park.

The Shiner Junior Livestock Show Board of Directors, Exhibitors, and Volunteers, Thank you for coming out and being a part of the show.

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